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Happy Memories of my Pet Dog Sherry - Part 2: WELCOME GIFT

Happy Memories of my Pet Dog Sherry - Part 2
Vikram Karve


One more happy memory of my beloved Sherry  (09 April 2006  17 Dec 2014)

Continued from Part 1:  SHERRY and HER “BABIES”   

Dog Psychology - Gifting Behaviour 

(I wrote this 7 years ago, in 2008, when Sherry was 2 years old)

I have a pet dog named Sherry, a DobermanX girl (the X-Factor is probably a Caravan or Mudhol or robust Indian Hound). 

Sherry gives me a most enthusiastic grand rousing welcome every time I return home.

Sherry waits for me to come home.

And the moment she sees me, Sherry goes berserk with sheer excitement, wagging her tail vigorously round and round, jumping up at me enthusiastically, making unique welcome yelps, nudging me with her mouth and nose.

Then - when I, overcome by a flood of love, have caressed, petted and cuddled her, Sherry runs round and round the house in happy joyful exhilaration and ecstatic glee vigorously wagging her tail.

And then, as I enter the house, Sherry does something unique which I have never seen any other pet dog do – Sherry brings me a “gift”.

Yes, Sherry comes to me carrying in her mouth a welcome gift, and holds up the gift to me – till I take the “gift” in my hands.

And do you know what this welcome gift is?

Well, sometimes the gift is an old bone she digs out, or maybe an old soiled rag cloth or the pair of socks she had stealthily pinched from the drying stand and hidden, buried deep in the lawn, or one of her toy “babies”, or an old shoe, or maybe just some piece of muck she has dug up, or a twig, or the towel from her bed, just about anything – but Sherry always welcomes me home with a gift.

She does this to my wife, kids, mother, friends, maid, and others she knows well and though her welcome may not be as vigorously enthusiastic as she does for me, Sherry always brings them a “gift”.

I am sure if that if you ever visit me, if she likes you, maybe Sherry will bring you a welcome gift too!

For unwanted strangers Sherry has a ferocious, rather ominous bark, and, if they pay no heed and dare to enter our compound, the trespassers are in for a vicious assault followed by a memorable bite. 

Oh yes, Sherry is is a superb guard dog. 

Sherry bites first, and barks later.

So, if you visit me  depending on whether she likes you or not – you are sure to get either a welcome gift or a memorable bite from Sherry. 

Sherry’s “gifting nature” has me perplexed.

I have never seen any other pet dog bringing welcome gifts.

Sherry’s fantastic welcome overwhelms me with a delightful emotion of happiness, gratitude and love that I cannot describe in words, and I always look forward to returning home to Sherry.

My wife and kids do sometimes welcome me home too, of course not as enthusiastically as Sherry, and they never give me any “welcome gift” on my arrival.

Dear Reader, have you ever seen any dogs demonstrate their happiness and affection in this way...?

Please can some dog parent or dog lover or canine psychologist or dog behavioural specialist throw some light on this “gifting behaviour” displayed by Sherry.

I wonder why does my darling pet Doberman-X girl Sherry express her love in such an inimitably endearing manner.

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