Friday, January 2, 2015


The Story of a Writer and his Wife

A woman got married to a writer.

Unlike other husbands, her writer husband did not go out to work to an office.

The writer “worked” from home.

After living for a few days with her writer husband, the woman noticed that her husband spent very less time doing writing.

For most of the day, her writer husband would sit in an easy chair in the veranda with his eyes closed, or sometimes staring into space with a blank expression on his face.

One morning, when the writer was sitting in the veranda staring blankly into space, his bored wife tried to speak to him.

The writer angrily shouted at his wife: ‘Don’t disturb me.’

The writer’s wife also got angry and she shouted back at her husband: ‘What do you mean “don’t disturb me”? You are just sitting there and doing nothing. You say that you are a writer but I hardly see you doing any writing. Most of the time you relax lazily in your chair with your eyes closed – or you keep staring blankly into space, like you were doing now.’

The writer looked at his wife and he said: ‘I am “writing” all the time.’

The wife retorted: ‘What nonsense! I have been observing your behaviour ever since we got married. You spend 90% of your time just sitting in that easy chair and doing nothing. And you hardly spend 10% of your time actually writing.’

The writer looked at his wife and said: ‘I am glad you have guessed the percentages right. Now you know the essence of what creative writing really is – writing is 90% creative thinking and only 10% is the physical process of writing.’

A writer’s life is a tranquil life.

What others see as laziness is really concentration – which is the key to creative writing. 

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