Friday, September 12, 2014



The best thing that happened to me was the Navy. 

Way back, in the 1970’s, when I joined the Navy, life was good. 

There was never a dull moment. 

Something was always happening, and I came across a variety of unique personalities – yes, exciting situations and inimitable characters.

Those were the best days of my life. 

Even now, whenever I reminisce about my “good old” Navy days and recall the unforgettable characters I met there.

Whenever I hark back to the hilarious incidents (in hindsight), those cherished memories always fill me with cheer, and sometimes bring a smile, maybe a laugh, to my lips. 

I always liked to read, but it was the Navy that gave a real impetus to my reading habit. 

Junior Officers were encouraged to develop the habit of reading.

Reading was considered an Officer Like Quality (OLQ) and officers were expected to be well-informed on various subjects in addition to being proficient and well-versed in professional matters. 

So, in addition to my professional books and technical literature, I was always reading something literary – maybe a biography (say, military or naval biographical literature to inspire me) or war stories or fiction or a classic from literature. 

The Navy had well-stocked libraries, afloat and ashore, which had a wide variety of books ranging from the rare to contemporary on a wide variety of subjects. 

This easy access to the diverse forms of the best literature really facilitated my reading habit. 

I always had a book in hand and reading formed a part of my daily routine. 

When we were young bachelors, naval life also afforded an excellent opportunity to play all sorts of sports, especially team games with the men like football, hockey, water-polo and basketball, and this, along with the social aspects of naval life, helped us develop well-rounded personalities.

Now let’s talk a bit about my reading. 

Of all genres of literature I personally like the Short Story. 

A good short story can be read in one sitting and has intense impact on the reader as it succinctly delivers the message with the force of brevity and wit. 

I have learnt more about the art of living and a philosophical approach to life by reading short stories since every short story gives you a message, some food for thought. 

Unlike moral lectures and sermons, Short Stories tend to present rather than preach and their values are more often implicit than explicit.

That is why I love reading short stories.

And that is why I love writing short stories.

Whenever you want to say something, instead of preaching, pontificating, sermonizing or delivering moral lectures – why not write a short story to put your point across and deliver your message?

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