Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humor - THE TOOL


Wisdom Story
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Here is a wisdom story to cheer you up:

Once, a young man bought a new knife.

He was walking home admiring the brand new knife and its glistening blade.

A policeman standing nearby saw the young man with the knife.

The policeman promptly arrested the young man.

“What for are you arresting me?” the bewildered young man asked the policeman.

Intent to commit murder,” said the policeman “You are carrying a tool of murder on your person”.

The young man looked around.

He saw a distinguished looking old man walking on the street.

The young man pointed towards the distinguished looking old man and shouted to the policeman, “Arrest that old man immediately!”

“What for?”  asked the surprised policeman.

 “Intent to commit rape,” the young man said, “That old man is carrying the tool of …”

“Enough …” interrupted the cop. 

He set the young man free and both of them departed laughing.    

You too - Keep laughing and have a happy day ahead ...

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