Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Musings on Modern “New Age” Ethics

For the last few years, seeing the news on TV and in newspapers, I have discovered a new type of ethics – “evidence based ethics”.

This is what happens.

People commit a misdemeanor – it may be corruption or some other crime.

When questioned the standard answer is:

There is no evidence against me.”

No one speaks the truth.

No one tells the actual facts.

No one answers the moot question:

“Did you commit the misdemeanor or not?”

They just answer:

“There is no evidence against me.”

This is the modern new age ethics – EVIDENCE BASED ETHICS

The old “moral ethics” is no longer relevant.

Yes, in today’s world, “evidence based ethics” prevails over moral “value based ethics”.

Things like moralsvaluesprinciples etc do not matter.

What matters is “evidence”.

You commit a crime, you take a bribe, you indulge in corruption, you perpetuate a scam, you take part in a scandal, you steal, you cheat …

And when someone asks you: “Did you do it?”

You do not speak the truth.

You do not answer directly whether you did it or not.

You never own up your mistake.

You never admit your wrongdoing.

You just say: “There is no evidence against me!”

This new age ethics is going to affect the value system of future generations very badly.

Remember that you are a role model to your children.

So beware before you admonish, scold or counsel your children when you think they have done something wrong. 

Your children may answer back: “There is no evidence against me!”

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Mahesh said...

Thanks for bringing up this topic. I always wondered why judiciary system in this country is so much burdened and hence there is no justice. One reason you have brought forward. Is it the case that in Western countries by and large people admit their mistakes quickly in the court of law? I am inclined to believe it. What do you think?


Vikram Waman Karve said...

@ Mahesh,
You do have a point - in India the common man is scared of the judiciary (for its cumbersome red tape) and police (who sometimes harass you for no fault of yours)and hence no one admits mistakes. Also, we have an inherent tendency to cheat and this is being passed on to the new generation.