Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say Bye Bye to 2011 with a Smile in Your Heart and a Laugh on your Lips

Here is my last post of 2011 to say Bye Bye to this lovely year gone by - a story which will bring a Smile in Your Heart and a Laugh on your Lips

A man got terribly drunk at the New Year's Eve Party. 

Then, after ushering in the New Year, after the stroke of midnight, the drunkard was lurching, his body swaying and staggering, as he walked unsteadily on a deserted road when a vicious looking dog started barking menacingly at him. 

The drunkard bent down to pick up a stone fixed as a road divider to throw at the ferocious dog. 

He could not lift it as the road divider stone was firmly cemented to the earth.

“What a strange place this is,” the drunkard cried in bewilderment, “They tie up the stones and let the dogs go free.”


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