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Do’s and Don’t’s

There may be occasions on which you will be asked to give a speech. You may be invited to deliver a formal address (for which you can prepare and rehearse well) or you may be unexpectedly asked to give an impromptu speech on the spur-of-the-moment.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for speechmaking:

The Do’s

1. When asked to make a speech, Do it…! Whenever you are invited to deliver a speech, say YES…!
2. Do it yourself! You must prepare the speech yourself and also deliver the speech yourself. Do not “outsource” speech writing or “delegate” speech giving.
3. Do keep it simple…! Say what you have to say in simple words and your informal natural style and sit down.
4. Do keep it short…! It is far better to finish your speech before the scheduled time than to go on and on till the cows come home… Your speech should be brief; your conclusion even briefer – sum up the points you have made, close on a high note and end your speech – do not let your speech drag on to an anticlimax ending.
5. Do what you would do in conversation – look at the person you are talking to…! Talk to one person in the audience at a time – select a person in the audience who seems interested and look at that person straight in the eye. Talk to that person. Then pick out another person, look him in the eye and talk to him. Then move your eyes on to another. Take one person at a time and talk to that person for a moment. Soon you would have talked to almost the entire audience.

The Don’t’s

1. Don’t apologize! Avoid clichés, like the conventional apology for lack of experience etc. Be confident and do your best.
2. Don’t put too much reliance on humour, stories and jokes…! A good speech is more than a collection of jokes… humour can be effective if used sparingly and the stories must be “sure-fire” , relevant and in good taste.
3. Don’t make the beginning of your speech dull by waffling…! Launch into your planned and rehearsed introduction straightaway. Begin your speech with something thought-provoking.
4. Don’t read your speech from a manuscript…! Prepare well and talk to your audience.
5. Don’t forget the audience in the last row…! They came to hear you too… make it easy for them…speak up loud and clear…!
6. Don’t end your speech with in an ambiguous open-ended manner…! End your speech succinctly and coherently on a high note and sit down. Your last words must echo in the minds of the audience.

Practice these simple Do’s and Don’t’s of speechmaking and soon you will love giving speeches, and deliver effective speeches too.

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