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Hilarious Memories of My Navy Life
A Spoof

(Continued from Part 1 – WHY I DID NOT GO TO STAFF COLLEGE)

Those days there was a saying in the bureaucracy: SHOW ME THE FACE AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE RULE

A witty friend of mine who also was once a victim of another such selective interpretation of “flexible” HR Policy had even coined an acronym for this phenomenon. 

He called it DRDO – Different Rules for Different Officers.

And talking of the DRDO, I must tell how I was a victim of another classic example of a Catch-22 No-Win Situation created by NON SEQUITUR HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) MANAGEMENT:

Long back I applied for permanent secondment to the DRDO.

My application was promptly sent back to me saying that as per Navy Policy only Superseded Officers who were passed over for promotion would be spared from the Navy for permanent secondment to the DRDO. 

Many years later I was was superseded for promotion in the Navy. 

So, I applied for permanent secondment to the DRDO.

This time, my application was promptly recommended and forwarded by the Navy to the DRDO, saying that I would be spared from the Navy for permanent secondment.

However, the DRDO sent back my application back saying that as per their policy, superseded officers were not eligible for permanent secondment.

A really great Catch-22 situation due to Non-Sequitur HR Policies, is it not? 

When you are eligible for DRDO, the Navy will not let you go to DRDO

And when the Navy lets you go, you are not eligible for DRDO

This means that, as per prevailing policies on that day, it was never possible for a naval officer to be permanently seconded to DRDO

Of course, everything was possible if they decided to favour someone using the DRDO (Different Rules for Different Officers) dictum, and the rules were bent suitably to accommodate the concerned individual.

But one thing is sure. 

Whenever you feel aggrieved by favouritism and some injustice has been done to you, instead of becoming bitter, it is best to look at the funny side.

Yes, humour is the best antidote to frustration and laughter is the best medicine.

A hearty laugh is an excellent safety valve to dissipate hurt, pain, bitterness and anger.

In todays liberalized and globalized world, the armed forces, the navy, army, and air force, may not offer career prospects as good as the civilian industry (and even the civilian bureaucracy) but one think is sure - the services will teach you to laugh - at yourself!

Have a Cheerful Day!

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