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Humor in Uniform - SPOKEN REPUTATION - Story of My Ambitious Coursemate



Unforgettable Characters I Met in the Navy
A Spoof

There is a saying in the Navy: 

If you want to know the true character of an officer – ask his coursemates.

Seniors will have one view of an officer – juniors will have another view – but it is his peers who will know the officer inside-out – especially his coursemates who have seen the officers from close quarters from academy days.

Here is a story of me and one of my ambitious coursemates.


Long ago – at a meeting  where a lot of “brass” was present  I profusely praised a fellow naval officer who was a coursemate of mine.

After the meeting, my coursemate came to my office.

I thought he had come to thank me  and he would utter some words of gratitude.

Instead he said: “I want to make one sincere request to you.

“You know I will do anything for a coursemate,” I said, “Go ahead – tell me  what can I do for you?

“Please dont praise me like you did today  especially in front of senior officers,” he pleaded.

“But why shouldn’t I praise you?” I asked, “I am your well-wisher.”

My coursemate looked at me and he said: “I know you are my well-wisher. But you have a most terrible reputation with most senior officers. So  If you praise me  it may have the opposite effect.”


My coursemate returned the favour a few years later.

By nature – I am an honest, straightforward and outspoken person.

Well, as far as senior officers were concerned – my being honest was fine.

My straightforwardness was tolerated.

But my outspokenness had earned me a reputation of being a tactless, abrasive and “difficult” officer.

Once, during a meeting, I expressed my views in my usual blunt manner.

After the meeting, I overheard a senior officer remark to my coursemate about me“Your coursemate really calls a spade a spade.

My coursemate praised me with these flattering words: “Sir he does not call a spade a spade – he calls a spade a bulldozer.

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