Friday, June 4, 2021

Are You Aware of Your “Blind Side”...?


Learning from Fables By Vikram Karve


You must have heard of an Aesop’s Fable called: “The One-Eyed Doe”.

Once upon a time – there was a doe (female deer).

The doe had lost one of her eyes.

Therefore – she could not see anything on the side with her blind eye (her “blind side”).

Whenever the doe used to feed near the seashore – she used to stand in such a way that her “good eye” looked towards the land – so that she could see if any hunters were approaching – and could make a quick escape in case she saw any hunters on the land.

The doe kept her “blind eye” towards the sea – since she did not expect any threat from that side.

One day – some sailors came rowing in a boat from the sea.

They saw the doe blissfully grazing near the seashore.

Since her “blind side” was towards the sea – the doe did not see the sailors coming from the sea.

One of the sailors took aim with his gun and shot the doe.

As she was dying – heaving her last breath – the doe cried to herself:

“What a mistake I made…!!! 

I was safe on the land side where I expected to be attacked – but I was attacked from the direction of the sea which I thought was safe…”



“Danger often comes from the least expected source or direction...”

Military History shows us many examples of this “moral of the story” – where armies have been attacked from their “blind side”.

Armies and Nations are attacked by surprise from directions where they least expected to be attacked – or – in ways they least expected – or – by “enemies” who they did not expect to be adversaries.

We see many such examples in military and war history and in the intelligence domain – where one discovers dangers from directions, places and people that one thought were “safe”. This aspect of being aware of and guarding the “blind side” is all the more important in information warfare and informationised warfare.

While this fable has a lesson for the military and security forces – isn’t this fable metaphorically relevant in many other aspects of our life as well – at work, in society, in relationships – and especially in our personal life …?

Aren’t we most vulnerable from our “blind side” – emotionally – materially – in happenings – in business – in relationships – from people towards whom we have a “blind side” because we love and trust them…?

So – you must remember: 

1. Introspect – and – discover if you have a “blind side”. 

2. Be aware of your “blind side”. 

3. Never neglect your “blind side” (or “blind sides”)

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