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The Affair

The ongoing “lockdown” period gave me an opportunity to delve into my creative writing diaries, notes and rough drafts. 

I discovered a trove of my incomplete writings and unearthed some unfinished stories. 

I have decided to complete a few of these unfinished stories. 

Here is one...

A Passionate Love Story
Short Fiction

Your first love always has an enduring place in your heart.

Nisha was my first love – in fact – she was my only love.

I have had many affairs – many “one-night stands” – but they were all full of carnal physical “lust”.

With Nisha – it was love – a fanatical impassioned love – of course – there was intense physical sensual lovemaking – but it was much beyond
carnal lust.

Yes – Dear Reader – my affair with Nisha was a genuine full-fledged “love” affair – the longest intimate relationship I have ever had with a woman.

Of course – it all started with wild frenzied erotic “lust” – but somewhere on the way – it turned into passionate love.

I fell deeply in love with Nisha – and – she fell totally in love with me too.

That’s why – when the affair ended – and we had to part – I was totally heartbroken.

And – I am sure Nisha was terribly heartbroken too.

I knew that my affair with Nisha would end the day Nisha’s assignment in Auckland came to an end.

Nisha would fly back to India – to join her husband, her daughter, her family – and – our torrid love affair would come to an end.

We knew that our affair was temporary – and it could not be converted into a permanent relationship.

Nisha had made it quite clear that she was in no position to leave her husband, her daughter and her family.

Nisha lived in a Joint Family – her marriage was an arranged marriage – a “business” marriage of two families – and it was unimaginable for her to divorce her husband in the conservative society in which she lived – because this would badly affect many familial and business relationships.

Nisha would never leave her family.

She would never come to Auckland to live with me forever.

So – the end of our affair was inevitable.

We even knew the exact day it was going to happen – the inevitable end of our affair.

We should have been prepared for it.

We thought we had steeled our emotions and were prepared for the last day when our affair would end.

But when it happened – we were devastated.

The excruciating pain in our hearts made us realize the extent to which we had fallen in love with each other.

Dear Reader – before I tell you how our affair ended – let me tell you how it all began.

Just 6 months ago – I boarded the Seoul Auckland Flight at Incheon Airport.

I walked towards my seat – and – I sat down.

People were still boarding the aircraft.

A few minutes later – a woman stopped near me.

She looked at the seat numbers on top – and she said to me: “Excuse me – I am in the window seat…”

I looked at her.

A “Hunter” is always on the lookout for “Prey”.

Similarly – I am always on the lookout for women to seduce.

My “sixth sense” told me that this woman was a likely “quarry”.

She was no ravishing beauty – in fact – she was quite ordinary looking. 

She was not “fair and lovely” – in fact – she had a rather “wheatish” complexion.

She did not have a “sexy” figure – in fact – she was quite plump and “chubby” – like a typical middle-aged married woman who has stopped bothering about her weight and worrying about her figure.

To put it in a nutshell – she was a “Plain Jane”.

You may think that it is easiest to seduce “sexy” looking women – but my experience is quite the opposite – it is the “Plain Jane” types who are the most uninhibited – and they make better lovers too.

While I was immersed in these thoughts – the woman said to me – once again: “Excuse me – I am in the window seat…”

“Oh – I am sorry…” I said to her.

I got up from my seat – and stood in the aisle – to let her enter comfortably.

She lifted her bag – and while trying to put it in the overhead luggage rack – she became a bit unsteady.

I seized the opportunity – and helped her put her bag into the overhead baggage space.

I went close to her and held both her arms – helping her push her bag in.

Our bodies rubbed.

She was dressed in a salwar kurta.

The fabric of her kurta below her armpit was wet with sweat.

She looked and smelt natural – no attempt to camouflage her raw steamy sensuousness behind a synthetic mask of make-up and deodorants.

I bodies rubbed – she let her body rub against mine.

Our bodies rubbing together – our hands touching each other – this aroused lusty passion in me.

Never before had the touch of a woman impassioned me with sexual yearning to such an extent.

I felt like hugging her there and then.

But – I controlled myself – and moved away from her.

We were in an aircraft – and people were looking at us.

She sat down on her seat.

I shut the overhead baggage rack door – and – I sat down in my seat next to her.

I knew that I was going to seduce this woman and make love to her.

She had shown a subtle inclination.

When our bodies had rubbed – she had not cringed – but she had let our bodies rub – and she seemed quite comfortable with the close contact with me.

Was this a signal to me…?

Now – I would have to take the initiative.

But – I would have to wait for the right time to make my move.

When you want to have an affair with a woman – and – if you sense that she is interested in having an affair with you – one of the most crucial decisions is when to make your first move.

The timing is important – the situation should be conducive – the woman should be in a responsive mood – acquiescent – ready to yield to your advances – otherwise – things can go terribly wrong.

After she had settled down in her seat – I introduced myself to her – I told her my name.

She told me her name too.

Her name was “Nisha”.

I looked at her – smiled – and said: “Going to New Zealand for the first time…?”

“Yes…” she said, “in fact it is the first time I am going to a foreign country…”

“Are you from India…?” I asked her.

“Yes…” she said – and she told me the name of her town.

“A Tourist Visit…?” I asked her.

“No. No. An “exchange” program…” she said.

“Exchange Program…?”

“I am a lecturer – it’s a faculty exchange program with Auckland University – I will teach for a semester there – and someone from there will teach a semester at out university…” she said.

“That’s good – one semester – so you will be in Auckland for 6 months…?”

“Yes…” she said, “almost 6 months…”

“Oh. That’s good…” I said.

“And you…? Going for Tourism…? Did you also come on the Mumbai – Seoul Flight…?” she asked me.

“No. No. I had come to Seoul for some work. I live in Auckland…” I said.
“Oh. I thought you were Indian…” she said.

“Well – I am a “Kiwi-Indian” – my father migrated to New Zealand for studies long ago – and then – he stayed on over here. I am born and brought up in New Zealand…” I said.

“Have you visited India…?” she asked.

“Of course – several times – our relatives are there – all over – but – I haven’t visited your hometown…” I said.

“You must…” she said, “next time you come there – I will host you…”

“And – I will host you in Auckland…” I said.

“No. No. They have already booked accommodation for me – in some place called Epsom…” she said.

“Oh – so you will be in the Epsom Campus of Auckland University…?” I said, “It’s a beautiful campus – and Epsom is a lovely place to stay…”

“You live nearby…?” she asked.

“Not very near – but – not very far either – I live near CBD – the Central Business District – just a 15 minute drive from Epsom…” I said.

“Oh…” she said – looking a trifle disappointed.

“You don’t worry – I will settle you down in your hostel – and I will come and see you every day – I will be your “local guardian”…” I said.

She smiled and said: “Local Guardian…!!! It sounds so funny…”

The air-hostess arrived with a tray of food – and she asked Nisha: “Indian Vegetarian Meal…?”

“Yes…” Nisha said.

The air-hostess placed the food tray in front of Nisha.

She opened the wrapper – looked at the food – and asked me: “I hope this food is vegetarian…”

“It should be…” I said.

“This cutlet – can you taste it and see…” she said.

I took a small piece of cutlet with the fork – tasted it – and said: “It is vegetable cutlet – vegetarian…”

“Thank you…” she said, “you have to be sure these days…”

“Yes…” I said, “You’ll have a problem getting vegetarian food in some parts of New Zealand – but – Auckland is okay…”

“I hope the place where I am staying has vegetarian food…” she said.

“Don’t worry – if you have any problem in Auckland – I am always there for you – your “Local Guardian”…” I said.

“Yes…” she said, “It is good I met you…”

I was delighted at the way our conversation was going – she was warming up to me – my “sixth sense” told me that she would succumb to my charms sooner than later.

My dinner arrived – a continental meal.

And then – they doused the lights.

The Incheon–Auckland flight is a long flight – overnight – more than 10 hours.

I said “good night” to Nisha.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Sometime later – I felt Nisha’s head on my shoulder.

Her face was turned towards mine.

I looked at her face – her mouth.

Her succulent mouth was literally begging to be kissed.

I was overwhelmed with desire.

I felt like kissing her fleshy juicy lips.

I looked across the aisle – everyone was asleep.

A quick kiss – no one would see – or know.

It was good that I controlled myself – because – Nisha’s head suddenly moved and she opened her eyes – and said: “Oh – I am so sorry – I just fell asleep…”

“It’s okay…” I said, “You can feel comfortable with me…”

We talked.

I am easy to talk to – so her words came tumbling out.

She told me all about herself – and – I told her all about me.

Then we went to sleep – only to be woken up early next morning for tea and breakfast.

Next morning – after we reached Auckland – I hired a cab – and I dropped Nisha to her accommodation in Epsom and settled her down.

I looked at my watch – it was 9 AM.

I told her to freshen up and get ready – I would be back at 11 – I would show her the campus nearby – take her out for lunch and shopping at New-Market nearby – buy her a local SIM Card – a Transport Card – and whatever she wanted.

And that’s what I did.

First we went across to the Epsom Campus of Auckland University – which was just across the road from her accommodation.

She finished her registration formalities at the Epsom Campus – had a tour of the campus – and then – I walked her down to Newmarket – where I showed her some “Indian Cuisine Places” and I treated her to an Indian Vegetarian Lunch at one of my favourite places.

Shopping done – we started walking back.

“Ah – there is one more thing – you’ll have to open a bank account here – and give details to the university so they can put in your stipend – remember – they told you when you registered…” I said.

“Oh yes – I had forgotten…” she said.

I took her to my bank – and opened a bank account for her – and got her a credit card too.

“Thank you so much. You have been such a help. What would I have done without you…?” she said.

“I have put in some money in your account – so that you are comfortable till next week…” I said, “Here – in New Zealand – they will pay you weekly…”

“Why did you put money in my account…? I have got dollars with me – and a Forex Card…”

“It’s okay…” I said. 

“Why are you doing all this for me…?” she asked, “I just met you on the plane – you don’t even know me – and you are doing so much for me…”

I am sure she knew why I was doing all this for her.

And if she was so naïve that she didn’t see my intentions – she would find out soon.

Dear Reader – I am no altruist – I don’t “invest” – unless I am sure of a “Return” on my Investment – “ROI” – as they call it.

So – in answer to her question – I said: “Well – I am looking forward to a beautiful friendship…”

“Me too…” she said.

When we reached her room – she said that she was tired – and that she wanted to sleep – but – I said to her: “It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon now. The best way to get rid of jet lag is to sleep at the right time – at night – so – I’ll take you out for a drive – show you all the places – and then – we will have dinner at my favourite pub…”

We went for a long drive around Auckland – on the waterfront – to Mission Bay – St Heliers – Quay Street – and it was during the drive – watching her body language – that I felt that the time was ripe – so – instead of taking her to the pub – I drove straight home.

I parked the car at my usual place on the street near my home – and I said to her: “Come – I will show you my home…”

“You live in this tall building…?” she asked me.

“Yes – most of the houses in Auckland are independent cottages – or “bungalows” – as you call them in India – but I prefer to live in a flat in this high-rise…” I said.

We rode up the elevator – and – we entered my tiny flat of the 12th floor.

“Oh what a lovely view…” Nisha said – looking out of the window.

Yes – you can see the harbour – the sea – and that’s the “spaghetti” junction below – where so many roads converge…” I said.

While Nisha was enjoying the beautiful view – I opened the fridge – I poured two glasses of wine – and – I offered one to Nisha.

“I don’t drink…” she said.

“It’s wine – red wine – it’s sweet you will like it…” I said.

“There is really no need…” she said.

“There is…” I said – and I gave her the glass of wine.

She sipped – and said: “Yes – it is sweet – this is the first time I am drinking…”

While she sipped her wine and enjoyed the view – I looked at her.

There was nothing delicate about her.

Plump and lusty – she oozed raw sexuality.

I liked voluptuous, sensual, earthy women – the rough-and-ready kind – and – Nisha was just that.

I ached with desire – and I drank her in with my eyes, insatiably.

“Some more wine…?” I asked her.

“No…” she said – giving me her empty glass.

I kept our glasses on the table – and walked back to her.

I stood close to her – looked into her eyes.

She turned her face up towards me – her skin was moist with sweat – and her breathing became heavy and rapid.

I don’t think she could have given me a clearer signal.

I pulled her in my arms and kissed her.

I kissed her warm mouth – a fervent passionate kiss.

I was astonished at the intensity of her response.

She kissed me back – with a crude eagerness that surprised me.

As our tongues intertwined – I could taste the sweet taste of the red wine mixed with her hot saliva.

It was an intense lingering kiss – and I was truly aroused.

It was after a long time that our lips disengaged.

I locked Nisha in a passionate embrace.

Intoxicated by the aroma of her natural scent – I caressed her neck with my tongue.

She melted in my arms.

And – I took her into the bedroom.

This is a love story – not erotica – so – I will not describe the explicit details of our lovemaking.

I will just say that – in the next six months – I realized the wildest of my fantasies with her.

We made unrestrained love to each other – in all possible ways – at all possible places.

A few days later – I asked her to shift into my flat.

“There is only one bed…” she said.

“Isn’t one bed enough for us…?” I said.

She smiled mischievously – and said: “Thank you for the offer – I would love to move in with you – but I feel it is better as things are. We can always meet whenever we want to – can’t we…?”

Maybe she wanted to be careful – to keep things discreet.

I don’t know whether she had told her husband about me – and how much she had told him.

Of course – I didn’t ask her – and I never talked about her husband, her daughter, her family.

I didn’t want her getting all sentimental about things back home – and going on a guilt trip.

It would ruin everything.

On weekends – I took her our sightseeing – to Rotorua – to Coromandel – to the islands near Auckland – and during her Easter Break – we went to Wellington – and crossed Cook Strait – a breath-taking sea cruise to Picton on South Island – and then we travelled all over South Island – Christchurch – Queenstown – Mount Cook – and the awesome Milford Sound – where she remarked: “This place is so wonderful – I must bring my daughter here…”

“Why don’t you call them here for a visit…?” I asked.

“Not now…” she said, “we’ll all come on a tour later…”

And – I didn’t mention the topic again.

During our visits to various places – she would make me click pictures of her posing before various attractions – and maybe – she was sending those pictures to her family.

I am sure she didn’t tell them who was clicking the pictures – and of course – I did not figure in any of the pictures.

New Zealand is around 7 hours ahead of India.

Nisha told me that she called her husband and daughter at tea time every day – when it would be breakfast time in India – and she did this during our tours too – when I would leave her alone to make her call.

But these small interruptions did not matter – and soon – she would be back with me – in body and spirit – and all other things were “out of sight – out of mind” – as the saying goes.

Our love affair flourished – mesmerising spells of frenzied fervour, sensual passion and sheer ecstasy.

And so – six months passed – the happiest time of my life.

Then – the day arrived – Nisha’s last day in New Zealand – and our last night together – before she left by the morning flight to Incheon – on her way back to India.

For the last time – we went to bed together – and we demonstrated how passionately we loved each other. 

I wanted to make our last lovemaking session extra-special for her – so – I did what she liked best – the thing that pleasured her the most and drove her into ecstatic frenzy.

She climaxed – and – as her orgasm subsided – she relaxed.

But – she did not let me go – she hugged me tightly for a long time and fell asleep in my arms.

I put my arms around her and caressed her hair.

It was sheer bliss.

The sound of my mobile phone disturbed my trance.

It was time to get ready and leave for the airport.

I woke up Nisha and told her to get ready.

Half an hour later – we were driving in my car towards Auckland International Airport.

Dear Reader – this was not what we had planned it.

But then – in real life – sometimes – the “story” doesn’t follow the script you have “written”.

There is a line in a song I like very much – “Woh afsana jise anjam tak lana na ho mumkin – use ek khoobsurat mod dekar chhorna hi achha…” – which roughly translated means – “if it is not possible to take a (love) story to its ultimate goal (logical conclusion) – then – it is best to give the (love) story a beautiful climax and leave it from there (end the story)…”

That is what we intended to do on our last day together.

Make passionate love – have the ultimate climax – say the last goodbye – and – part in a beautiful mood.

And that is what we did – at least the first two parts – consummate lovemaking – terrific climax – ultimate bliss – as we lay in each other’s arms.

But – when it came to parting in a beautiful mood – it all went wrong.

We had planned we would have a sweet goodbye kiss in my home – and Nisha would go to the airport in a Taxi.

We kissed each other – a long impassioned kiss.

When we disengaged our lips – I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I could not bear to part with her at that moment.

So – I insisted that I would drop her to the airport in my car.

I wanted to have those last few moments with her.

When you know you are going to lose your most precious thing forever – you want to hold on to it till the last moment.

And I am sure that she too had the same feelings – and she wanted to cherish those last few moments with me – because – when I insisted that I would drive her to the airport – she readily agreed.

Nisha and I – we wanted to hold onto each other for the last moments – till the inevitable parting happened.

We drove to the airport in silence – because – there was nothing to talk.

There was no question of meeting each other again – or – any form of communication.

Nisha would resume her life in India – and me – I would be back to my lonely life out here in Auckland.

Our passionate affair – the six months we had spent together – would be like a beautiful dream we would cherish forever.

While driving to the airport – my heart ached so much that I could barely concentrate on the road.

I parked the car in the airport parking lot.

I looked at Nisha.

She looked at me.

It was the last time we would be sitting together. 

Nisha took me in her arms – she kissed me gently – and she said to me: “You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life…”

I pressed her face into my neck and said: “I love you…”

Tears were streaming down her face. 

Nisha smiled – a poignant heartbreaking smile.

She kissed me again – and said: “Goodbye – my darling…”

“When I first saw you – I knew – you were the one for me…” I said.

“It was sheer luck – getting a seat right next to you…” she said.

“Our love affair was destined…” I said.

“Yes…” she said.

“We both got we wanted – didn’t we…?” I said.

“Yes. In fact – I got much more than I wanted…” she said.

“And now – the beautiful dream is over – and there will only be memories – sweet memories…” I said.

“Yes…” she said, “Let’s say our final “Good-Bye” now…”

“Let me come with you till the airport entrance gate and see you off…” I said, “I’ll help with your luggage…”

“No – it will be too painful for me…” she said.

She looked at me for a long time – her eyes filled with tears.

We got out of the car.

I opened the boot of the car and took out her bags.

Then – I saw a baggage trolley nearby – so – I went and got it.

I put her bags in the baggage trolley.

“Let me come…” I said.

“No…” she said, “you go and sit in the car – and – please don’t follow me.”

I looked beseechingly at her.

“Please go and sit in the car…” she said, “please don’t make it more painful for me…”

I went and sat in the car.

Nisha looked at me for some time – she looked totally crestfallen.

Then – she abruptly wheeled around – and she walked briskly towards the airport departure terminal gate – pushing the baggage trolley.

My heart ached – I felt terrible.

I could not control myself – so – I got out of my car – and – I followed her.

I had to say a last “goodbye” to Nisha.

Nisha must have sensed that I was following her – but she kept walking towards the airport building.

Just before she entered the departure lounge of Auckland Airport – Nisha turned around and looked at me.

Then – she left her bag where it was – and – she ran back towards me.

She hugged me – and – she kissed me on the mouth.

I kissed her back – and long passionate kiss – our tongues intertwined. 

I don’t know whether people were looking at us – but we didn’t care.

We hugged each other – and kissed – passionately – with such fervor – that we lost all sense of time and place.

It was a long time when – suddenly – we were jolted to reality – and we disengaged our lips and bodies. 

After hugging and kissing me so passionately – Nisha could not control her emotions.

She broke down into tears.

She was sobbing uncontrollably – and – tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Seeing Nisha crying so heartbreakingly – I couldn’t control my emotions.

I broke down into tears and started to cry inconsolably.

They say that “men don’t cry”.

But then – I was not a man.

Like Nisha – I too was a woman. 


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