Sunday, November 3, 2019

Marriage Expectations

Fiction Short Story

I registered my name on the matrimonial website.

I browsed through profiles of eligible girls.

I liked a girl – she seemed suitable for me.

I sent the girl a message that I was interested.

Next morning – I was happy to see an email from the girl who I had liked.

I opened the email.

The girl had written to me in her email:–

I have a few expectations from my future husband:

1. He must be a non-smoker.
(I was a non-smoker)

2. He must he non-drinker – a teetotaller.
(I did not drink alcohol – yes – I was a strict teetotaller)

3. He must be a vegetarian.
(I was a pure vegetarian)

4. He must be physically fit.
(I was in excellent physical condition – I was very fit – in fact – I had just run the half-marathon last week)

5. He must be intelligent.
(Of course – I was intelligent – I was an IIT graduate)

6. He shouldn’t be a womaniser – he shouldn’t have had past relationships – and – he should be absolutely faithful to me.
(Well – I met this rather stringent requirement too – I was not a “womaniser” – I never had any intimate relationships – in fact – I was a virgin)

7. He should be successful in his career – he should be ambitious to achieve greater heights and reach the top – the pinnacle of success – I want to be married to a winner – not a loser.
(I met this expectation too – for my age – I was highly successful – with promising career prospects ahead)

8. I expect a high standard of living after marriage – to live in a good house in posh locality – to have all the comforts.
(Yes – I had a pretty good standard of living – and I lived in the elite neighbourhood of the city – in my own spacious luxurious apartment in a most posh gated community with the best amenities)

9. My husband should spend “quality time” with me – indoors and outdoors – and I want an active social life – clubbing, parties, entertaining.
(This expectation too I would easily satisfy – I would indeed spend “quality time” with my wife – I was gregarious by nature – and – I was a member of the best clubs in the city)

10. He should be interested in travel – he must take me on holidays to various destinations all over the world – and be adventurous and outgoing by nature.
(I loved travelling and adventure – I had at least 2 holidays every year – and yes – I was outgoing by nature)

11. I don’t want to live in a Joint Family – I want to live independently with my husband.
(I satisfied this expectation too – I lived independently in my own house – and – my parents lived separately in our hometown)

12. My husband should be a modern metrosexual man – progressive, liberal and broad-minded in his thinking – who respects his wife and treats her as an equal – and gives her freedom.
(Well – I had a modern liberal outlook – with progressive views – I was a contemporary urban man – I believed in gender equality – and – I certainly wasn’t an “MCP” – so – I met this expectation too)

Dear Reader – she had a few more expectations from her prospective husband – but – I did not bother to read them.

I sent the girl a brief reply to her email.

I have only one expectation from my future wife – that she should have no expectations from me – because I believe in the saying: NO EXPECTATIONS – NO DISAPPOINTMENTS – HAPPY MARRIAGE.

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