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Every person likes to be “appreciated”.

At work – you want your bosses, colleagues and subordinates to appreciate your work.

At home – you want your spouse, children and relatives to appreciate your efforts.

In society – you want your friends, acquaintances, and everyone, to appreciate things about you – your achievements, your talents, even how you look etc.

Even on the Social Media – you seek appreciation – and you feel good when your pictures and uploads are appreciated by “Likes” and Positive Comments.

Appreciation is a “Tonic” – especially for Creative Persons.

As a Creative Writer/Blogger – I am inspired and feel motivated when my readers express their appreciation after reading my stories.

Filmmakers feel good when their movies are appreciated.

Chefs feel good when their culinary creations are appreciated.

All Creative Persons are thirsty for appreciation of their creative work.

So – if their creative work is not appreciated – they may feel depressed.

Likewise – persons who seek appreciation at work, at home, in society – they feel demoralised – when no one apppreciates them.

This is true both in the real world and virtual world.

I have come across a few “Social Media Butterflies” who keep uploading their pictures on the Social Media and want appreciative comments instantly.

The more the positive comments – the happier they feel.

If their pictures are ignored – they feel despondent.

And – if – by chance – there are any negative comments – they get angry and take their ire out on the commentators or block them.

In extremis – if no one ever appreciates you – over a period of time – this total lack of appreciation makes you feel like a “Loser” – and – you feel as if you are a “Failure” in life.

Dear Reader:

Do you feel “Unappreciated”…?

Here is some “Tonic” for you – to motivate you – and to make you feel good…

Philosophical Self-Consolation by a Veteran

Do you feel frustrated because no one appreciates you…?

Creative Persons are most vulnerable to frustration because of non-appreciation.

Yes – creative individuals like artists, playwrights, movie makers, sculptors, musicians, singers, creative writers are most sensitive to frustration due to non-appreciation of the work – because every creative person wants appreciation and recognition for their creative works.

Most Writers/Bloggers are Creative Persons – and like all creative persons – they want their creative work to be appreciated.

Yes – Bloggers want their Blogs to be read – and appreciated.

But – sometimes this does not happen – and – even your best blog posts go unappreciated.

What do you do when you feel frustrated because no one appreciates your achievements…?

You console yourself.

Yes – “self consolation” is the best “self help”.

Here is some Self-Comforting “Tonic” for unappreciated “Losers” and “Failures”

(Dear Reader: I wrote this self-help article for myself – and for fellow creative writers and bloggers – but I am sure the concept will be relevant to all persons – especially for competitive children and their ambitious parents)

“TONIC” FOR THE UNAPPRECIATED – Self Help by Vikram Karve

All persons – at some point in their lives – experience “Frustration Blues”.

This is more so if you are engaged in some creative activity.

There are many occasions when people just do not appreciate your work.

Even if people criticize you and do not appreciate your creative efforts – you must not get disheartened – and – you must never stop doing what you want to do.

The best way is to console yourself and “Bash on Regardless” – and continue to do whatever you are doing with renewed vigour and zeal.

Let me tell you one effective way to drive away frustration blues.

When I was in school – our Literature Teacher would often shout at us:

“I Am Casting Pearls Before Swine…”

I did not quite understand her anguish then.

But now – I can fully empathize with her – when I too sometimes feel the same way when my creative writing is not appreciated.

The idiom



“To offer something good to somebody who cannot appreciate the value of it…”.

Yes – if you “cast pearls before swine” – you “offer something of value to someone who does not appreciate it and does not understand the value of what you are offering him”

(Dear Reader: The word “swine” is used metaphorically

Suppose you are an artist – a painter.

You show your painting to a person who knows nothing about art – a person who is not interested in the fine things of life.

Or – say you are a creative writer.

And – you show your fiction – or your poetry – to someone who is not interested in literature.

Or – you do a makeover – you titivate and beautify yourself – and you make yourself beautiful – for someone who does not appreciate beauty.

Well – in such cases:

“You are casting your pearls before swine…” 

Why are you trying to seek appreciation from persons who cannot appreciate you and your work – because – they have no knowledge of your art – or they have no interest in you…?

I was wondering:

How do you translate this phrase “I AM CASTING PEARLS BEFORE SWINE” into Hindi…?

I suddenly remembered a blog post I had written a few years ago titled:

अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ  

(I am selling mirrors in the city of the blind)

I think this Hindi Phrase metaphorically expresses the same sentiment as the English Idiom:


Dear Fellow Writer and Blogger – do you know how I came across this equivalent metaphor in Hindi – this piece of wisdom:


Let me tell you how I came across this Hindi idiom:

अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ  

Translated into English – this means:


Here is the story of how I heard witty wisdom for the first time.

A few years ago – one evening while surfing TV channels – I watched a program on Zee Classic Television Channel called “Classic Legends” hosted by Javed Akhtar.

The episode was based on the life of the famous poet and lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Javed Akhtar narrated an incident and a quote ( शेर ) by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

I will never forget this quote.

The incident he narrated was as follows.

Javed Akhtar met Majrooh Sultanpuri in the evening of his life.

At that time – Majrooh Sultanpuri had passed his peak of popularity – and he was no longer as much in demand as a poet as in his earlier days – and new lyricists were ruling the roost in the film industry.

Javed Akhtar asked the famous poet Majrooh Sultanpuri how he was doing.

Majrooh Sultanpuri replied:

मैं अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ 

which roughly translated means:


(Though Javed Akhtar attributed this quote to Majrooh – I saw on the internet that this quote is attributed to Kabir : 

I Sell Mirrors in the City of the Blind”

Well – what matters most – is the meaning of the words – rather than who said it)

मैं अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ 


This quote is still perambulating in my mind.

The more I delve on it  – the more I realize how profound these words are – especially for a creative writer whose work is not appreciated.

So – now – whenever my novel manuscript is returned by a publisher with a rejection letter – or – if readers ignore my blog – or – whenever I feel unappreciated – I am going to console myself with the words:

 मैं अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ  


And then – I am going to redouble my efforts – and “Bash on Regardless”.

Isn’t this a nice philosophy for creative persons and artists to adopt – rather than get frustrated when their work is not appreciated…?

In fact – everyone can self-console themselves by this philsophical quote – whenever they feel unappreciated in any situation – if you are not given your due recognition at work – or – in relationships – where your partner does not appreciate you.

Isn’t it much better to drive away your frustration blues by a philosophical approach to life – rather than by indulging self-pity, getting depressed and doing harmful things like drowning your sorrows in drink…?

So – whenever you feel frustrated that your efforts are not being appreciated – you must ask yourself:

“Are you casting your pearls before swine…?” 

And after that – you should continue your efforts with redoubled vigour and enthusiasm.

Do not worry whether others appreciate your work or not.

Do not crave for “external appreciation”.

Do “self-appreciation”.

And – Bash on Regardless.

It is best to work for your own satisfaction.

Adopt this philosophy of life whenever someone does not appreciate you or your work – and say to yourself:

मैं अन्धो के शहर में आइने बेच रहा हूँ 



Is there any point in casting “pearls” before “swine”…?

Is there any point in “trying to sell “mirrors” in the city of the “blind”…?”

Think about it.

Stop seeking appreciation and recognition from others.

Maybe – “you are selling mirrors in the city of the blind…

Or – maybe – “you are casting pearls before swine…” 

Just don’t bother for external appreciation.

Instead – you must appreciate yourself.

Yes – do “self-appreciation” – be your own hero.

Dear Reader:

Whenever you feel unappreciated – remember this “Tonic” of self-appreciation – and – even if you are a “loser” in the eyes of the world – you will be a “winner” in your own eyes. 

PS: This is easier said than done. Despite my philosophical pontifications – I still feel happy when my stories and foodie pictures are appreciated. So – Dear Friends – please keep showering your appreciation on my stories, blog posts and social media uploads. 


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