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Patty and Puff

I have just relished some delicious Patties from Hindustan Bakery Pune 
                                             (Picture Below

Vegetable Patties (Puffs) from Hindustan Bakery Pune
Every bite of these delicious patties evoked nostalgic memories of my childhood Pune days and I remembered this foodie blog post I had written many years ago... 

Yummy Snacks for Brunch and Tea

When I was a small boy  in the 1960s  and later  in the 1970s  I sometimes lived at my grandfather’s place near Madiwale Colony on Tilak Road in Sadashiv Peth Pune.

Come Sunday morning – and I was off to Hindustan Bakery on Bajirao Road – to get a few packets of their famous patties for breakfast 

(In Pune – Patties is spelt Pattice)

You had to get there early – otherwise the patties would be over – and you had to go all the way to their branch in Shaniwar Peth to get the coveted delicacy which we all hungrily devoured for Sunday breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast meant Hindustan Bakery Vegetable Patties.

Hindustan Bakery Vegetable Patties are inimitable, superb to taste and matchless in quality – they taste divinely lip-smacking and are wholesome yet not heavy on the stomach, and I haven’t quite tasted a similar veg patty anywhere else.  

Those days – Veg Patties were available only on Sunday mornings. 

Now – I think they make them everyday – so they have lost their exclusivity. 

Of course  many other bakeries in Pune – like Santosh Bakery on Apte Road, New Poona Bakery in Budhwar Peth and Green Bakery near Shanipar who also made patties  but there was nothing to beat the patties of Hindustan Bakery.

Like I said  these days – the delicacy has lost its exclusivity – since veg patties are available in plenty every day  and also – the quality doesn’t seem as it was in the past  probably due to mass production.


Well  I wish I could tell you how to make vegetable patties  instead – I will give you the recipe of my favourite tea time snack – the curry puff – a non-vegetarian version.

You will need the follwing ingredients:

1. Curry Powder 

(I use Ship Brand Madras Curry Powder which comes in its distinctive green coloured tin)

2. Quarter kilo (250 gms) of boneless chicken cut into small pieces

3. Four large boiled potatoes cut into small pieces

4. Two finely chopped onions

5. Some boiled green peas and finely chopped carrots

6. Maida (flour)

7. Two Eggs

8. Oil

9. Salt, seasoning and spices.

Heat oil in a pan  add finely chopped onions and fry till translucent brownish – add the boneless chicken pieces – and stir fry – till the chicken is cooked.

Now add two large tablespoons of Curry Powder  the boiled vegetables (potatoes, peas, carrots)  and salt to taste  stir – till dry – for about 4-5 minutes.  

Remove from flame – and keep aside the Curried Dry Chicken.

Make a smooth dough by kneading together the Maida (flour), Eggs, Oil, Seasoning (salt, pepper, chilli powder to taste) and Water. 

Let the dough stand for some time.

Now roll the dough  and stuff in the curried dry chicken  making tikki shape – or samosa shape – or any other shapes of your choice (I prefer semi-circle karanjis). 

Finally – Shallow Fry the Curry Puffs till crispy crusty golden brown.

Curry Puff is a hearty satiating wholesome tasty snack ideal with high tea or cocktails. 

Curry Puffs are good for Brunch too.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating. 

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I wrote this recipe long back – and  I have also posted the recipe online earlier a number of times in my foodie blogs inculding at urlhttps://karvediat.blogspot.com/2013/06/yummy-fulfilling-snacks-veg-patties-and.html and http://karvediat.blogspot.com/2017/07/curry-puff-fulfilling-snack-recipe.htmlhttp://karvediat.blogspot.com/2017/07/curry-puff-fulfilling-snack-recipe.html

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