Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to Avoid Depression

Musings by a Veteran

I am on the verge of depression.

I feel lonely and unwanted.

Many years ago – I retired from the Navy – on attaining the age of “superannuation”.

Please note – I did not take voluntarily “pre-mature retirement” (PMR).

But – I was honourably “pensioned-off” – since I had reached the “age of superannuation” – an age beyond which I was considered “useless” (superannuated).

I was not a “job hopper” – I spent my entire “working life” in the Navy.

I have done whatever I was supposed to do in my vocation – and now – work-wise – I have zero “utility value” – and – I am redundant and “useless” – as far as my professional expertise is concerned.

So – I have nothing left to offer in my “trade-craft”.

As far as my “profession” is concerned – I have done whatever I had to do – I have nothing left to do.

On the “career” front – my professional career is over – and – I am “useless”.

So – I have nothing to “look forward to” on the professional (work) front. 

Now – let us see my status on the “family” front.

As far as my family is concerned – my so-called “worldly” obligations are over.

Both my children are pursuing their own professions – and they are living their own independent lives.

My children are married – they have their own families – they are busy with their own families and work-life – and – they no longer require me – nor do they need my assistance or advice.  

In fact – they consider me a “nuisance”.

As far as my “Better Half” is considered – she is busy with her career – and she has no time for me.

On the Social Front – I do not have any friends – since – after retirement – I have not been able to make any new friends – as the young “Techies” (IT Nerds) among whom I live – they are quite unenthusiastic in making friends with me (maybe they think I am an “old fogey”)

My old friends (Navy Buddies, School/College Classmates and Relatives) – they all live far away in Pune City or in the “Military Veterans’ Ghetto” on the other side of town – and it is not possible for me to interact with them frequently – since I live in the distant suburb of Wakad – which was one of the affordable places within my budget where I could buy a house after retirement.

In a nutshell – I have “nothing to look forward to” – in these three aspects of my life (professional/familial/social)

So – from the “work/social/family” points of view – I feel useless and unwanted.

Once you have “nothing to look forward to” in your life – you sink into the abyss of depression.

I told you that I am on the “verge of depression”.

So – what is holding me from sinking into depression…?

Three things:

1. My Writing/Blogging

3. My Passion for Food

3. My “Online Life”

Yes – Dear Reader – My Writing/Blogging, My Passion for Food and My “Online Life” – these are the three things that I “look forward to” – which are saving me from depression.

I look forward to writing and blogging.

I look forward to eating exciting food.

I look forward to my daily interactions with my “online friends” on the social media.

(Yes – after retirement – I have made many “online friends” – and – they are the only friends I can “interact” with regularly – in fact – without my “online friends” – I would have become a total “recluse” and cut off from the world)

You can avoid depression as long as you have something to “look forward to” in your life.

This is my experience.

Dear Reader – Do you agree…? 

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