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During the first meet of “Humour In and Out of Uniform” (HIAOOU) Group at IAT Pune on Sunday 18 May 2014, the Chief Guest, a distinguished navy veteran, Vice Admiral SS Byce regaled us with hilarious memories of his eventful naval career, especially some escapades of his Sub Lieutenant’s days.

He has promised to contribute to “humour in and out of uniform” and share with us some of his memorable experiences which still evoke a laugh.

During his “speech” he read out an interesting piece “LAUGHTER versus HUMOUR” from Sunday Morning’s Times Life (a quote by Annette Goodheart, author, laughter therapist).

I feel it would be apt to share this piece with members of HIAOOU.


Recognizing the difference between laughter and humour is the key to understanding the healing power of playful laughter.


Humour is intellectual, a way of viewing the world.

There have been a lot of studies on humour, but no agreement on what is funny.

You think some things are funny and I think other things are funny, because we have different senses of humour.


Laughter, on the other hand, is universal.

It is a profound process that involves every major system in the body.

It is spiritual, physiological, and emotional.

It is not intellectual.

Think of the kind of laughter babies have.

When we see a baby laughing, nobody says, “Doesn’t that baby have a wonderful sense of humour?”

Most people think our sense of humour is what causes us to laugh, but it is really the other way around.

We would have more opportunities to laugh if we didn’t think we have to agree on what is funny.

Laughter doesn’t need a reason to be – in fact, laughter is unreasonable, illogical, and irrational.

Laughter exists for its own sake.

~ Annette Goodheart, author, laughter therapist

Apt “food for thought” on this Monday morning, don’t you think?

Wish you joyful week ahead, and a life full of laughter.

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