Sunday, February 2, 2014


THE HOT-SHOT NAVAL OFFICER - an apocryphal story by Vikram Karve
This happened almost 30 years ago, in the mid 1980’s.
A young “hot shot” newly promoted Lieutenant Commander reported to IAT as an instructor.
Let us call him “A”.
IAT was a top-heavy institution, and in his department there were 3 officers – 2 Commanders (“B” and “C”) and 1 Lieutenant Commander (“A”).
Now, since Lieutenant Commander “A” was the junior-most officer, both the Commanders used to order him around, and sometimes there were conflicting orders, and “A” was fed up.
So, Lieutenant Commander “A” went up to the Director of Studies (a Captain) and asked him: “Sir, who do I work for? Is it Commander “B” or is it Commander “C”? Both of them give me orders.”
“What do you mean “who do I work for”? This is an academic institute and all instructors are equal. But since you are junior, you have to listen to what your seniors tell you – so you obey whatever both of them tell you to do and take advice from both of them. Do you understand?” the Captain said.
“Yes, Sir, but I still have one doubt,” Lieutenant Commander “A” said.
“Speak up,” the Captain said.
“Sir, I want to know who will be writing my ACR?” Lieutenant Commander asked, matter-of-factly.
“The Director of Studies is the initiating officer for ACRs of all instructors in the wing. So I will be writing your ACR,” the Captain said.
Thereafter, Lieutenant Commander “A” totally ignored the two Commanders and he started kowtowing the Captain.

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