Monday, February 6, 2012

MONDAY MORNING BLUES - High and Dry in Rohan Tarang

High and Dry in Rohan Tarang

6 AM. The 6th of February 2012. A lovely Monday Morning.

I open my eyes and admire the spectacular view from my bedroom window. A hint of dawn, the mist, the moving lights of the vehicles on the distant highway, the tranquil meandering Mula river – yes, the picturesque spectacle is quite awesome.

I wake up feeling good and walk to my balcony. My refreshing cool unpolluted morning air further enlivens me and raises my spirits.

A great beginning to a new week. I am raring to go, all charged up, looking forward to the week ahead.

I go the basin, put a generous amount of my favourite peppy toothpaste on my toothbrush, get ready to brush my teeth, and open the tap.

No Water. The tap is dry, so are all the other taps. No Water anywhere.

All my high spirits collapse. I feel hapless, despondent, disgusted.

And as I get ready for another “Dry” Monday my good mood has gone.

All the plus points of living in an “elite” place like Rohan Tarang are of no use when a basic need like water is uncertain. 

It’s happened before. It has happened today. I wonder how many times it is going to happen again.

Will our water woes in Rohan Tarang ever end? Or do we have to live with this forever.

And while we mull over our water woes,  we wish you a happy Monday and a great week ahead.

If you want to know more about our water woes in Rohan Tarang, please click the link below:

And do join us in our prayer that our water woes will end soon.

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