Saturday, February 19, 2011


Every city has its “Gates” – especially historical cities with Forts and Heritage structures. While some actual physical gates are visible, a few are not. Here are a few “Gates” of Pune that are not visible and exist in parlance only. If you find the actual “Gate” do let us know.
Peru Gate 
Maybe this "gate" derives its name from the guava orchards that may have existed in the vicinity or is it a corrupted Indianized pronunciation of the name Perron, a British Officer after whom the gate was named as I read somewhere? Located in the heart of the city surrounded by the best authentic food joints and near Bharat Natya Mandir and Tilak Smarak Mandir.
Pool Gate or Pul Gate 
Is there a Bridge or Pool nearby? This "gate" is in Pune camp.
Swar Gate 
Is it named after swari - where one begins one’s travel? This "gate" is at the junction of Satara Road and Solapur Road, housing the main State Transport and PMT Bus Terminus.
Quarter Gate 
Was the Quarter Guard of a military unit housed here? I will not even risk mentioning the other more popular meaning of the word “quarter” in local lingo!
Mhasoba Gate 
Named after a temple of the same name in the vicinity.
Mariaaee Gate 
Is it the Marathi version of Mother Mary (aaee – mother, Maria – Mary) and named after the church nearby?
Ramoshi Gate.  
I am totally clueless and I just can’t figure out!
Body Gate
This one is near Aundh, on the way to Mumbai past Bremen Chowk, and has cute heritage buildings which house police offices. Probably Body Gate housed a body of cavalry outside the Aundh Military Camp across the Mula river.  
Dear Reader - Do you know of any more “Gates” in Pune or more about these ones?



Punekar said...

There is one more gate in heart of the city - Phadgate!!!
You can find it when you start moving towards Swargate from Rameshwar chowk in Mandai on your left...

Vikram Waman Karve said...

Thanks Punekar.
Yes, I know Phadgate - wonder how I missed it out!

Anonymous said...

Mariaaee Gate : Nothing to do with Mother Mary! 'Mariaaee' or 'Kadaklakshmi' is a daity worshiped by 'Potraj'.