Monday, September 6, 2010

PUNE and its GATES

PUNE and its GATES
Every city has its “Gates” – especially historical cities with Forts and Heritage structures. While some actual physical gates are visible, a few are not. Here are a few “Gates” of Pune that are not visible and exist in parlance only. If you find the actual “Gate” do let us know.
Peru Gate [maybe derives its name from the guava orchards that may have existed in the vicinity or is it a corrupted Indianized pronunciation of the name Perron, a British Officer after whom the gate was named as I read somewhere?]. Located in the heart of the city surrounded by the best authentic food joints and near Bharat Natya Mandir and Tilak Smarak Mandir.
Pool Gate or Pul Gate [Is there a Bridge or Pool nearby?]. In Pune camp.
Swar Gate [is it named after swari - where one begins one’s travel?]. At the junction of Satara Road and Solapur Road, housing the main State Transport and PMT Bus Terminus.
Quarter Gate [Was the Quarter Guard of a military unit housed here? I will not even risk mentioning the other more popular meaning of the word “quarter” in local lingo!]
Mhasoba Gate [Named after a temple of the same name in the vicinity].
Mariaaee Gate [Is it the Marathi version of Mother Mary (aaee – mother, Maria – Mary) and named after the church nearby?]
Ramoshi Gate. I’m totally clueless and I just can’t figure out!
Body Gate – This one is near Aundh, on the way to Mumbai past Bremen Chowk, and has cute heritage buildings which house police offices. Probably Body Gate housed a body of cavalry outside the Aundh Military Camp across the Mula river.  
Dear Reader - Do you know of any more “Gates” in Pune or more about these ones?


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