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Here are a few papers and articles written by me and my students in the late 1990's and 2000 when we studied, explored, researched and carried out post graduate dissertation work in the fascinating subjects of Soft Systems Methodology, System Dynamics Approach [ SSM SD ] and their applications in Systems Engineering and and various aspects of Management and Technology. Almost a decade has passed and, maybe, a lot of work has since been done in SSM - SD. We hope to renew our interest in this promising area of SSM - SD.

1. Design of futuristic electromagnetic conflict (EC) systems using soft systems modelling-system dynamics (SSM-SD) methodology.
Debnath, R. and Karve, V.W.
International Conference on Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility 1999 New Delhi, India, 6-8 December, [INCEMIC 1999], pp 143 – 148.


Full Paper:

2. A Soft Systems Methodology – System Dynamics (SSM-SD) Based Approach to Re-Engineering EMI / EMC Regulations and Standards.
Debnath, R and Karve, V.W.
15th International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility, June 27 – 30, 2000, EMC 2000, pp 466 – 475.

3. A Decision Support System Design Incorporating Soft Systems Approach.
Murali, D. K. and Karve, V. W.
IT for the New Generation, Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India, September 16-20, 1998, New Delhi, India, pp 229 - 237.

4. Ethics, Values and Technology,
Karve, V. W.
Invited Paper, Plenary Session, International Conference on Cognitive Systems [ICCS 1998], Dec 13th – 15th, New Delhi, India, pp cii - cix.

5. Systems Cybernetic Re-Engineering for Empowering Human Performance: A Soft System Dynamics Approach. Sriram, S and Karve, V.W. International Conference on Cognitive Systems [ICCS 1998].

7. Reengineering the Human Resource - A Soft Systems Approach.
Karve, V. W. and Sriram. S,
Seminar on HR Strategies for Naval Repair-Yards, Naval Dockyard, Mumbai , 06 Nov 1998.

8. Soft Systems Paradigm for Modelling a Production Enterprise, Karve, V. W. and Sriram, S.
All India Seminar on Design of Production Systems – New Concepts, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, 26th July 1998.
[Also delivered the keynote address on “Soft Systems Paradigms in Engineering Management” at this All India Seminar]

9. Coping with Cupid: A Soft Systems Approach,
Karve, V. W. and Debnath, R.
Journal of Defence Management, Vol. 26, No. 2, Nov 1999 – Apr 2000, pp 1 - 15.

10. Soft Systems Approach to Ethical Management – Putting Ethics before Business
Karve, V.W.
Indian Management Journal, Vol. 36, No. 10, Oct 1997, pp 51 – 53.

11. Soft Systems Methodology - System Dynamics Approach to Total Quality Management.
Karve, V. W. and Debnath, R.
National Conference on Quality Engineering on Aerospace Technologies, (QUEST 99), Bangalore, 20-21 August 1999.

12. A Soft Systems Approach to restructuring higher technical education in India.
Debnath, R. and Karve, V. W.
Fifth International Conference on Cognitive Systems (ICCS 99), New Delhi, 15-18 December 1999.

13. Ethical Quality Standards,
Karve, V. W.
Journal of Marine Engineering, Vol. 39 No. 1, June 1999.

14. A System Dynamics Approach to Quality Management in the Naval Scenario Incorporating the Soft Systems Methodology Perspective.
Karve, V.W. and Debnath, R.
Journal of Marine Engineering, Vol. 39 No. 1, June 1999.

15. A Systems Dynamics Approach to Quality Planning and Management in Shipbuilding industry incorporating Soft Systems Methodology perspective.
Karve, V. W. and. Debnath, R
International Maritime Conference, [INMEX 99], 7-8 October 1999, Goa.

[Copies of all the above papers have been compiled by the DIAT Deemed University Pune Library in the Annual Compendium of Published Papers IAT Spectrum 1999 and 2000]


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