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Stress Management : Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT”

Musings of a Navy Veteran

Dear Reader – I am sure you have heard the proverb:

“Out of Sight – Out of Mind”

When you don’t see something or someone for some time – those things/persons (who are “out of sight”) – they go out of your mind.

And – in due course – you may forget these things/persons who have been “out of sight” for long.

The “Out of Sight – Out of Mind” paradigm is an effective way mitigate stress and alleviate unhappiness.

It helps – if you remove yourself from situations/places which cause stress/unhappiness/depression in you – and – if you move away from toxic/incompatible people who hassle you.

If you keep all these negative things “out of sight” – after some time – they will “go out of mind”

This is one of the reasons people go on holidays and vacations – to keep all these things “out of sight” – and thereby – “out of mind”.

Of course – with the advent of communications facilities, internet and social media – I really don’t know whether it is possible to achieve a true state of “out of sight – out of mind” – unless you totally “switch off’ from the outside world and go to some reclusive place.

However – you can practice “out of sight – out of mind” to the extent feasible.

It works for me – so – it may work for you to.

While the “Out of Sight – Out of Mind” paradigm is quite effective – I have discovered that the reverse is also true.

Yes – the opposite paradigm – “Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT”…” – this approach also works for me.

Let me tell you a story I read long ago.

A young lovey-dovey couple (a boy and a girl in love) lived in Paris, France.

It was the time of the Second World War.  

Germans occupied the city of Paris on June 14, 1940.

After more than 4 years of enemy occupation – Paris was liberated by French and American troops on August 25, 1944.

During the Occupation – Paris was governed by the German Military.

For the citizens of Paris – the Occupation was a terrible time – and Parisians suffered all sorts of hardships – there were shortages, restrictions on various freedoms, and curfews – and – life was tough.

Following the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 – Paris was liberated by French and American troops on August 25, 1944.

Media reporters entered Paris – and they started asking people about how they had suffered the 4 years of German occupation.

Most people talked about how the occupation of Paris was a terrible time.  

However the young lovey-dovey couple said that they did not feel any difference.

“What do you mean “you did not feel any difference”…? Didn’t you notice how things had changed during the German occupation…?” a journalist asked the young couple.

“Well – we were so much in love with each other that we didn’t notice what was going on outside…” the lovey-dovey couple said.

Yes – they were so much in love and “occupied” with each other – that – they didn’t notice the “occupation” outside.

Pre-occupied in their own mutual love – thoughts of “occupation” were out of their minds – so – the situation outside during the “occupation” was out of their “sight” too.

Your mind plays an important part in what you “see”.

Different persons may perceive the same physical situation differently in their minds – depending on their “mental filters”.

I have practiced this “Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT” technique quite effectively – especially during my Navy days.

Whenever a Senior Officer would start giving me a “Bottle” (a scolding) – whenever a senior officer would start shouting at me – I would “switch off” listening to him – and – I would start thinking “interesting” thoughts – Romantic Thoughts – or – Food Thoughts.

Though – ostensibly – it would seem that I was “looking” at the senior officer and “listening” to his admonishment – in actual fact – I was in my own “fantasy world” – and – the senior officer reprimanding me was “out of my mind” – and hence – out of “sight”.

Like “Walter Mitty” – I let my imagination run wild with fantasy thoughts whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation from which I can’t run away or prevent.

“Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT”

You can use this “Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT” technique when you are in pain – or in any uneasy or unpleasant situation – to alleviate your pain, suffering, stress etc.

If you can physically remove yourself from a negative situation – you can practice the “Out of Sight – Out of Mind” paradigm – and this should be your first option.

This is what I try to do as a first recourse – I try to get out of “sight” of things/places/people who create negative vibes in me (or I try to get them out of my “sight”) – so that – once they are out of sight – they get out my mind too.

However – it may not be possible in all cases to physically remove yourself from negative situations – you can’t get “out of sight” of these detrimental things/people who are causing you discomfort and stress.

So – as a last resort – it is best to follow the “Out of MIND – Out of “SIGHT” technique – and try to remain unaffected by your surrounding unpleasant situation.

Try it.

It works for me.

I am sure it will work for you too. 

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