Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is Divorce a “Crime”...?

Fiction Short Story

“Sir – there is someone to see you…”

“I told you not to disturb me…”

“Sir – it is a small boy…”

“Small Boy…?”

“Yes, Sir – the boy is wearing school uniform – I think he is from the school next-door. He says that he wants to meet you urgently…”

“Okay – send him in…”

The Small Boy comes in and he says to me:

“Thank You, Sir…”

“What is the matter…? Why do you want to see me…?” I ask the boy.

“Sir – I want to hire you…?”

“What…? You want to “hire” me…?”

“Sir – I want you to fight my case…”

“Oh. What have you done…?”

“I have done nothing, Sir – it is my parents…”

“Your parents…?”

“They want to divorce…”

“Oh. So what do you want me to do…?”

“I want you to help me to stop their divorce…”

“How can I do that…?”

“Sir – can I explain a bit…?”

“Sure – go ahead…”

“Sir – I saw an English Movie recently – in which – there was a wedding scene – and – the Priest asks everyone: “If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in marriage – let them speak now – or forever hold their peace…”…”

“Yes. I have seen such wedding scenes too. So – what is your point…?”

“Sir – if people can object to a marriage – why can’t people object to a divorce…?”

“Object…? To a divorce…?”

“I want to object to my parents’ divorce…”

“Tell me – how do you know that your parents are divorcing…?”

“They told me last evening…”

“Oh. Did they tell you why they are divorcing…?”

“No. They just said that they want to go their separate ways….”

“Do they fight…?”

“No – never – they are always very polite to each other – at least in front of me…”


“My mother said that it was going to be a “friendly” divorce…”

“Friendly Divorce…?”

“She said that they would remain friends even after their divorce…”

“That’s good…”

“She said that my father would be moving out of the house – but I could visit him every weekend…”  

“So you will stay with your mother – and you can meet your father too. That’s good – you will have both your mother and your father…”

“I want all of us to stay together in the same house – my father, my mother and Me – together – as one family…”

“So – why don’t you talk to your parents…?”

“I did – I told them that I am happy with things as they are – I don’t want my father to go away – I don’t want my parents to divorce…”

“So – what did they say…?”

“They said that they had already taken a decision – to separate…”


“That’s why I have come to you…”

“What do you want me to do…?”

“I want you to put a case in court – that – I object to the divorce of my parents…”

“Well – I really don’t know…”

“You don’t know…? I thought you were a big lawyer…”

“Well – I am a criminal lawyer…”

“Isn’t divorce a crime…?”

I looked at the small boy – pondering over his question.

Legally – divorce may not be a crime – but – morally and ethically – divorce certainly seemed to be a “crime” – at least from the small boy’s point of view. 

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