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Self-Help Wisdom : The Disease to Please aka “Log Kya Kahenge” Syndrome


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Do you want to be happy?

If your answer is YES – then get rid of the Log Kya Kahenge Syndrome 

Do you suffer from the Disease to Please...?

Before every action do you worry about what others will think about your action (लोग क्या कहेंगे?)

Your happiness will be in your control and it will not depend on the approval of others.

कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे  लोगों का काम है कहना 

Kuch to log kahenge  logon ka kam hai kehna

If you want to be happy  you must always try and ensure that you live your life in such a way that your happiness is dependent upon things in your control

If you live in such a way that your happiness is dependent upon things beyond your control  you will be a puppet in the hands of other people  a slave to external circumstances  and you will have to dance to the tune of outside entities.

Similarly  if you are obsessed with seeking approval of others – and if you are always worried about pleasing others – or –  if you succumb to peer pressure  then your actions will be guided by what other people would think or say  and you will fall victim to the LOG KYA KAHENGE syndrome

Close your eyes for a moment  introspect  and ask yourself whether you are suffering from The Disease to Please

If your answer is YES  then it is high time you read this inimitable Mulla Nasrudin Story.


(A Wit and Wisdom Story)

Mulla Nasrudin and his son were travelling with their donkey.

Nasrudin preferred to walk  while his son sat on the donkey.

Soon they passed a group of bystanders  and one of them scoffed:

“Look at that selfish boy. The hale-and–hearty young son is riding on the donkey while his poor old father is forced to walk alongside. What disgraceful behaviour? And it is so disrespectful. What a horrible and spoiled child!”

Mulla Nasrudin and his son felt very embarrassed by these comments.

So  they quickly switched places.

Now Mulla Nasrudin rode on the donkey while his son walked alongside.

Soon  they passed another group of people. 

One of them pointed towards Mulla Nasrudin – and exclaimed sarcastically:

“Oh  just look at that  what detestable behaviour...! That poor young boy has to walk  while his shameless father rides the donkey. That horrible man should be ashamed of himself  for the cruel way in which he is treating his son. What a heartless father...! It is appalling...!”

Nasrudin was extremely upset to hear this. 

He wanted to avoid anybody else’s scorn.

So  Nasrudin decided that both he and his son would ride the donkey at the same time.

Hence – Mulla Nasrudin asked his son to sit along with him on the donkey.

As they both rode on the donkey  they passed another group of people. 

One bystander remarked: 

“That man and his son are so cruel. Just look at how they are forcing that poor donkey to bear the weight of two people. They have no consideration for the hapless mute animal. Cruel merciless scoundrels  that’s what they are...!”

Nasrudin heard this and he told his son:

 “I guess the only way we can avoid the criticism of others is for both of us to get down and walk.”

“I suppose you are right,” the son replied.

So they got off the donkey  and  both of them  father and son  started walking on foot – with their donkey walking alongside them.

But as Mulla Nasrudin and his son passed another group of people  they heard them laughing and jeering:

“Ha  Ha – Ha...! Look at those two fools. They are so stupid that both of them are walking under this scorching hot sun  and neither of them is riding the donkey…! Have you ever seen such stupid idiots…? What morons…!”

Whatever Mulla Nasrudin and his son did  someone or the other found fault with it – and made fun of them  and the criticism and comments of people continued forever  iterating and reiterating.

In the end  the exasperated Mulla Nasrudin and his son were finally seen carrying the donkey on their own heads.

And – on seeing this hilarious sight of two persons carrying a donkey on their heads – everyone laughed, jeered and mocked at Mulla Nasrudin and his Son  as they watched the father-son duo carry the donkey on their head…!


The next time you are overcome by the disease to please  and you feel governed by a desire to seek approval of others for something you want to do  and if you feel like pleasing others to the detriment of your own needs  just remember this Mulla Nasrudin story.

Whenever you do something there will be 3 types of reactions:

1. Some people will PRAISE your actions

2. Some people will CRITICIZE your actions

3. Some people will IGNORE your actions

While it is good to take feedback  you must not be swayed by the opinions of other people  because a time may come when your actions will be governed by what other people think  and you will fall victim to the disease to please.

Therefore  rather than get swayed by what other people say  it is best to act accordance with your own conscience  and do what you feel is best.

Listen to your inner voice  seek your own approval  and  act in accordance with your own conscience

Close your eyes  reflect  and think of instances when you were overcome by the Disease to Please  or  Peer Pressure  or  the Need to Conform

When you do something  do you always worry about  Log Kya Kahenge ... लोग क्या कहेंगे ?

Why do you succumb to peer pressure? 

Why do you try to conform? 

Why do you crave for the approval of others?

Remember the lyrics of that meaningful song from the movie Amar Prem:

कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे  लोगों का काम है कहना 

Kuch to log kahenge  logon ka kam hai kehna


So – the next time you feel “Peer Pressure or symptoms of the Disease to Please – remember this story – and  most important – the Moral of the Story:

Never worry about what others will think or say. 

Do not succumb to Peer Pressure. 

Do not fall victim to the Disease to Please. 

Do not try to conform or seek the approval of anyone and everyone.

Seek your own approval  that is the approval that matters the most. 

Listen to your inner voice  and do what you think is right  and you will be happy.

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