Friday, June 20, 2014

Humor in Uniform - PARTING SHOT

This happened long back.
It was “fleet night”.
Officers and Sailors of various Ships of the Fleet were seated with their families in the auditorium.
There was a most enjoyable entertainment programme.
This was followed by a prize distribution.
Various trophies were being awarded to ships.
Our ship was a frontline ship which had performed exceedingly well in all aspects throughout the previous year.
We were sure that our ship deserved to win most of the trophies, maybe all the trophies.
In fact, even officers of other ships acknowledged that our ship deserved most of the trophies due to our demonstrated performance.
The prize distribution started.
The winners of the trophies were announced, one by one, and respective Captains went up to receive the trophies from the CNS who was the Chief Guest.
As the prize distribution progressed, we were disappointed that not a single trophy had been awarded to our ship so far.
It seemed that our ship was being totally ignored.
The blatant bias was evident to all.
Our XO remarked that maybe this prejudice against our ship was because the Fleet Commander did not like our Captain.
We really did not know the actual reason for Fleet Commander’s dislike of our Captain, but someone said that it was because our Captain was a CW Officer, promoted from the lower deck under the upper yardman scheme.
It all seemed very unfair to us and we were reconciled to returning empty handed.
Suddenly, we were surprised to hear our ship’s name being announced for a Trophy.
The Trophy was for “maximum days at sea”.
“Days at Sea” was a recorded fact and could not be manipulated.
And our ship had indeed spent maximum days at sea.
Our Captain went up to receive the trophy.
While presenting the trophy to our Captain, the witty CNS remarked to the Fleet Commander: “Well, you couldn’t deny him this trophy, could you?”

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