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Cadet and College Girl – a Love Story

Short Fiction 
 A Love Story

CADET AND COLLEGE GIRL  a love story by Vikram Karve

“A” was a cadet at the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Pune.

“B” a smart girl studying in a premier college in Pune.

“A” and “B” became acquainted during the NDA Ball

Soon  “A” and “B” started dating each other on weekends  when “A” would come to Pune on “liberty”. 

Three years later  “A” completed his NDA training – and he was off for navy sea training on a training ship.

“B” finished her graduation  and she joined the MBA course at an elite B-School in Pune.

“A” and “B” kept corresponding with each other.

They met whenever it was possible.

Whenever he got an opportunity  “A” rushed to Pune – even for a day – just to meet “B”.

“A” and “B” realized that they had fallen in love.

“A” opted for the Engineering Branch of the Navy  so that he would be at the training base at Lonavala (near Pune) for the next three years for his degree engineering course. 

This proximity to Pune would enable “A” to meet his lady-love “B” frequently. 

Yes – “A” took a career decision – to join the Engineering Branch instead of the Executive Branch  just to be near his lady-love “B”.

“B” finished her MBA in Finance and she got a good job as an investment banker in Mumbai.

“A” too managed to get posted on a ship based in Mumbai after his training.

“A” and “B” got married.

They enjoyed a few blissful years of married life.

Then  “A” was transferred out of Mumbai.

He wanted “B” to move with him to the new place.

But – “B” was reluctant to move out of Mumbai. 

She was doing well in her job and her career was just taking off. 

Besides  as far as her career as an investment banker was concerned  there was no scope for her in the new place where “A” was posted  which was a comparatively small town.

“A” went away on posting – and – “B” remained back in Mumbai to pursue her career.

So – the long distance marriage of “A” and “B” began.

Though he tried desperately  “A” could not manage to come back to Mumbai.

Mumbai was a prize posting – a station in very high demand.

“A” had already served for 3 years in Mumbai and he would have to wait his turn. 

So “A” and “B” spent the next few years living separately.

Three years passed.

“A” was expecting to posted back to Mumbai.

But instead of being transferred to Mumbai  “A” was transferred to another place  which was even more remote and further away from Mumbai.

I told you that it was a “love marriage” – so “A” could not bear separation from “B” any longer.

“A” rang up “B” – and – he told her to quit her job and join him in his place of posting.

“B” retorted that it was “A” who should quit the Navy  since “B” was earning much more than “A” – and her career prospects as an investment banker were much brighter than his career as a naval officer.

“B” said that  even of she quit her present job  as an investment banker  job opportunities for her were mostly in big cities – especially in Mumbai – and certainly not in the remote place where “A” was posted. 

Besides  “A” would also be able to find a good civilian job in Mumbai.

“A” felt that “B” had a point – she was earning much more than him – she had brighter career prospects – and “A” would easily get a job in Mumbai once he quit the Navy. 

In fact  he already had a prospective job offer in Mumbai.

So  “A” put in an application to quit the Navy.

But  it is not easy to leave the Navy.

His resignation was not accepted.

For “A” and “B”  long distance marriage has become a reality of life.

The stark realization of signing up for “Lifetime Employment” in the Navy has now dawned upon “A” 

“A” knows that the only chance to get out of the Navy will come when he is permanently superseded for promotion – and that is still a few years away.

But “A” does not want to get passed over” for promotion

Why should he ruin his Navy career which he likes so much...?

So – “A” and “B” have got used to living separately as “married bachelors”.


In earlier days  once a girl married a defence officer  she used to go along with him wherever he was posted as a “memsahib”  playing second fiddle as a full time housewife (homemaker).

At most  she could become a teacher at the local school in the unit.

Nowadays  things have changed. 

Women are pursuing their professional careers very seriously and they are not willing to “sacrifice” their careers. 

Modern women want to be financially independent and do not like to become “second fiddle” housewives dependent on their husbands. 

Working women do not want to give up their jobs and go to live with their “fauji” husbands to some back-of-beyond” remote place.

Owing to all this  it is no wonder that an unintended consequence of the defence services policy of “Lifetime Employment” is that  defence officers are no longer much sought after in the “marriage market’. 

Maybe – it is the same for women officers of the defence services as well.

Probably – that is why you see an increasing number of marriages between male and female defence officers within the service (in-house marriages in uniform).

There is a saying: “The Navy is not a job. The Navy is a way of life...”.

“Lifetime Employment” is the way of life in the Navy.

I think this applies to the all 3 Defence services – Army, Navy and Air Force.

So  if you are thinking of joining the Armed Forces  you must ask yourself if you have the mental make-up for the military way of life”...?

Do you have the mindset for lifetime employment...?

Do you have the attitude for lifelong obligation...? 

Are you ready for a long term commitment towards the Navy, Army or Air Force...?

And  if you are girl thinking of marrying a defence officer  you must ask yourself:

Are you ready to give up your career and live a nomadic life with your husband...? 

Or  if you are serious about pursuing your career  then are you prepared for a long distance marriage...?

So – if you are thinking of joining the Armed Forces  or marrying a Military Officer/Soldier/Sailor/Airman remember the story of the Cadet and the College Girl – and think about it. 

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