Monday, June 17, 2013


Ready Reckoner

Nowadays, when marriages may not be forever, and in many cases marriage quite a short term affair, it has become a fashion to celebrate your wedding anniversary every year. 

Earlier, when marriages were forever, married couples celebrated their silver wedding anniversary after 25 years of wedded bliss.

This morning while cleaning my bookcase I came across a book:

THE BOOK OF ETIQUETTE by Lady Troubridge (first published in 1926)

As specified in this book, as per prescribed etiquette, here is the list of wedding anniversaries you must celebrate:

The PAPER Wedding Anniversary – First Year (1 year of married life)

WOODEN – Fifth Year (5)

TIN – Tenth Year (10)

LEATHER – Twelfth Year (12)

CRYSTAL – Fifteenth Year (15)

CHINA – Twentieth Year (20)

SILVER – Twenty-Fifth Year (25)

IVORY – Thirtieth Year (30)

WOOLLEN – Fortieth Year (40)

SILK – Forty-Fifth Year (45)

GOLDEN – Fiftieth Year (50)

The DIAMOND Wedding Anniversary – Seventy-Fifth Year (75 years of Married Life)

Well we (my wife and I) have celebrated our 30th (IVORY) Wedding Anniversary last year and our 31st marriage anniversary this year. 

How about you?

Wish you a “Much Married” life.

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