Thursday, January 19, 2012

RETIREMENT - The Right Time to Retire

RETIREMENT – The Right Time to Retire

On Monday I visited my erstwhile institute DIAT Deemed University Pune to deliver a lecture. (I had been invited to deliver this inaugural lecture to a course I used to conduct earlier).

My former faculty colleagues were quite delighted to meet me and after seeing the enthusiastic and energetic manner in which I delivered my lecture and observing the excellent response from the audience, everyone asked me: “You are still in full form. Why did you retire?”

In reply, I told them this story.

The great cricketer Vijay Merchant who was at the peak of his cricketing career suddenly announced his retirement after scoring a century against England. When his surprised fans and fellow cricketers asked him why he had unexpectedly decided to retire when he was at his prime and in top form, Vijay Merchant replied: “It is better to retire when people ask ‘WHY?’ rather than ‘WHY NOT?’

Think about it. Is it time for you to retire? Or will you cling on to your job till people ask “WHY NOT?”
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