Tuesday, August 17, 2010

QUICK BITE - A Very Short Story - Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction
Here is some flash fiction… for a quick read…  
I am having a quick bite at quick bite…! 
Hey, I’m not trying to be funny.

“Quick Bite” is the fast food joint opposite our office complex where we often rush out to have a ‘Quick Bite’. 
I sit at a table for two, concluding my quick bite with a cup of coffee, when I see Raj enter Quick Bite.  

His eyes search for a vacant table but the place is jam-packed.
He looks in my direction and I beckon him to sit on the vacant chair opposite me.   

As Raj settles down I ask him, “All alone…? Where is your girlfriend…?”
“Girlfriend…?” he asks.
“Rita…” I say. 

“She’s no longer my girlfriend…” he says. 

“So you dumped her…? That’s good… really good… it’s good you dumped Rita… that shameless nympho…” I say.  

“Shameless nympho…?” he asks.  

“Musical Beds…Ha, Ha…Musical Beds… ” I say laughing.  

“Musical Beds…?” he asks.  

“Ha, Ha… That’s what we called her… that nympho Rita… Musical Beds… just like we play Musical Chairs… Rita played Musical Beds… but let me tell you Raj… you’ve done the wisest thing of your life by getting rid of Rita from your life… ” I say, hurriedly gulping down the remains of my coffee.  

I quickly get up, pat his shoulder, and rush back to my office. 
Suddenly I see Rita talking to my colleague Chanchal near the entrance.

Chanchal waves out and calls me so I go towards them.

“Hey, you know what…?” my chatterbox colleague Chanchal says excitedly the moment I come near them.  

“What…?” I ask.  

“Rita and Raj got married yesterday. It was a very secret hush-hush affair – parents’ opposition, you know… ” Chanchal says.

“Really… ?” I ask surprised.

“Yes… ” Rita looks at me and says, “Now I am not your friend Raj’s girlfriend… I am his wife… ”

Flash Fiction

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