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Is Your House Small or Big...?

Space (like Time) is a Relative Concept
A Mulla Nasrudin Story
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One day Mulla Nasrudin’s neighbour came over to ask for some advice on how to manage his large family in his tiny little house.

“Dear Mulla Nasrudin,” he bemoaned, “my house is so small that all of us just cannot fit inside – me and my wife, my mother-in-law, three children. We are all so cramped up in our small cottage where there is hardly any space. You are a wise man  and maybe – you can find some solution to my problem so please tell me what to do...”

“I noticed that you rear chickens – how many chickens do have in your barn behind your house...?” Nasrudin asked.

“I have five chickens and a rooster...” the neighbour said.

“Take them all into the house...” Nasrudin said. 

“What...?” the neighbour asked aghast, “how is it possible...? My house is already so small and overcrowded. Where is the place for the chickens...?”

“Try it you just do what I say,” Nasrudin insisted, “And I am sure that you will come and meet me tomorrow and tell me that your problem has been solved.” 

The neighbour was not convinced – but he did not dare to question the wisdom of Mulla Nasrudin  so he took the five chickens and the rooster inside the house. 

The next morning he ran to Nasrudin’s house.

“You have made our problem worse – me, my wife, my mother-in-law, three kids, five chickens and a rooster – it is impossible for all of us to fit inside the small house – there is no space at all...” the neighbour lamented.
However, Mulla Nasrudin ignored his griping and asked the man: 

“You have a donkey, don't you...? I have seen a donkey tied up outside your house...”

“Yes, Nasrudin  I have one old donkey,” answered the neighbour. 

“Take the donkey into your house...” Nasrudin told the man. 

No matter how much the neighbour protested  Nasrudin insisted – so – the hapless neighbour did as he was told – and he took the donkey into the house. 

The next morning  the neighbour ran back to meet Nasrudin  and said in total despair: 

“Nasrudin  it is just not possible. The wife, the mother-in-law, the kids, the chickens, the rooster and the donkey. We had a most terrible night. There is no room even to breathe...”

“If I remember correctly  you have two lambs  don’t you...?” Nasrudin asked his neighbour.

“Oh, No – please dont tell me to take the lambs in – there will be total chaos…” the neighbour said.  

“Don't worry, my friend,” Nasrudin interrupted ’ and he assured the desperate neighbour, “You will thank me for solving your problem in the end. Do as I say. Just take the lambs into your house...” 

The neighbour  hoping against hope that Nasrudin’s crazy advice may miraculously work out – he took the two lambs into his packed house that night.
The next morning  the neighbour  in a totally inconsolable state  landed up at Mulla Nasrudin’s door  and pleaded in agony: 

“Nasrudin  why are you torturing us – and making us suffer like this...? My small house is jam-packed  teeming with bodies – and stinking with foul odour. My mother-in-law is threatening to kill me  my wife is about to leave me – and my children are furious. It is appalling, sickening, nauseating  your advice has made matters worse...”

Nasrudin patiently listened to his neighbour – and then – Nasrudin said nonchalantly: 

“Okay  now take all the animals and birds out of the house – chickens, rooster, donkey and lambs – all back to the garden, back to the barn, back to the shed. Throw them all out of the house to where they belong...” 

So Mulla Nasrudin's neighbour rushed home and he threw all the animals out of his house.

Next morning the grateful neighbour thanked Mulla Nasrudin: 

“Sir, you are indeed a wise man. You solved my problem. Now  our house is so large, so roomy, and so airy  so much space for everyone  kids can play, we can sleep, everyone is happy. Thank you so much.”
Thus  Mulla Nasrudin demonstrated that SPACE is a relative concept - the same small house had now become a large house.

Dear Reader  at first  I thought that like TIME  SPACE too could be measured and quantified and was an absolute entity.  

Gradually  I learnt that TIME was highly subjective and relative  not quite absolute as I thought.

I could feel TIME passing fast when I was busy (when working or doing something I enjoy like blogging). 

I could experience TIME passing slowly when I was bored (like waiting for someone whose train or flight is delayed). 

Now  it has dawned upon me that space too is a relative concept. 

This apocryphal Mulla Nasrudin Story explains the relative nature of space. 

It also tells us the the concept of space is all in the mind.

Dear Reader: Think about this Mulla Nasrudin Story and have a laugh. 

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