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“Friends with Benefits” – A Love Story

Short Fiction – A Love Story

“Nothing has changed between us…” the man says.

“What do you mean “Nothing has changed between us”…? You are now a “married man”…” the woman says.

“That is only on paper. Our relationship will be just the same as before…”

“How can our “relationship” remain the same as before…? Just imagine the shock I got yesterday. I came to the airport to receive you – full of anticipation – and – the moment I saw you – I rushed towards you – and – I kissed you – and then – you introduce me to this woman – and – you tell me that she is your wife…”

“You shouldn’t have come to the airport – I messaged you not to come to the airport…”

“I missed you so much. You never told me that you have got married and you would be coming here with your new bride…”

“I was going to tell you today – in office…”

“What about her – your wife – how much does she know…?”

“She just knows that we work together – that’s all…”

“I am sure she suspects. She saw me kissing you…”

“You don’t worry about her. I told her that it is the custom here to kiss colleagues while greeting them – like we do “Namaste” in India. My wife said that she understood – and that it was okay…”

“Your wife seems to be very naïve and simple…”

“She is a “rustic” type – a “small town girl” – she hasn’t even visited a city – leave alone another country – this is the first time she is seeing a new place…”

“But still…”

“Please Sophie – let’s not talk about her. She is my wife – I will handle her. She will be busy at home with housework. And – we will continue to be “friends with benefits” – just like before. Nothing will change in our relationship…”  

The man (Arun) – and the woman (Sophie) – they look at each other for some time.

Then – they kiss each other – a passionate long kiss.

And then – they kiss again and again – and – overcome by the throes of passion – they make love – right there – on the couch – in the office.

After a frenzied bout of lovemaking – they lie on the couch – satiated.

A few minutes later – the man gets up – and he starts to put on his clothes.

Dressed and ready to go – the man picks up his briefcase – and – he says to the woman:

“I hope I don’t miss my flight. I’ll try to finish off the work today itself and come back by the evening flight. From the airport – I will come straight to your place – and we will spend the night together. I have told my wife that I will be returning tomorrow evening. So – she won’t know anything…”

After the man leaves – the woman tidies herself – she walks to her desk – and she begins her work.


The woman (Sophie) is working in her office.

There is a knock – the door opens – and a woman stands in the door.

Sophie recognizes the visitor – the woman is Arun’s wife.

Arun’s wife says: “May I come in…?”

Sophie says: “Of course – please come in and sit down. But – Arun is not here – he has gone to Christchurch – didn’t he tell you…?”

“I know…” Arun’s wife says, “I have come to meet you…”

“You’ve come to meet me…?” Sophie says, surprised.

“Yes. I am sorry to have barged into your office like this – but – I don’t have your mobile number. Luckily – I had Arun’s office address – so – I just took a taxi and came here to meet you. I hope I am not disturbing you – if so – I will wait till you finish your work…” Arun’s wife says.

“No. No. It’s okay. What is the matter…? Please speak freely – treat me like a friend…” Sophie says to Arun’s wife.

“I wanted to say “Sorry” – I want to apologize to you…”

“You want to apologize to me…? Why…?”

“For marrying Arun…”


“I saw you two at the airport yesterday. I realized how much you love Arun…”

“No. No. We are just colleagues…”

“The way you kissed him so lovingly – it was certainly not a kiss between colleagues…”


“If I had known about you – I would never have married Arun…”

“Please don’t say that – you are his wife – I am just his office colleague – that’s all…”

“Arun should have told me about you. If I had known – I would not have agreed to marry him despite all the family compulsions. I would have never come here to New Zealand…”


“I feel so terrible…”


“I don’t want to be a thorn in your relationship…”


“If it was possible – I would have gone back to India. But – believe me – in our culture – it is will be a huge “loss of face” for my parents…”


“For my parents – Arun is a “Prize Catch” – a “Trophy Husband”…? Do you know how happy my mother was when Arun agreed to marry me…?  And my father – he was proudly boasting to everyone that his daughter was going to live a luxurious life in New Zealand. My parents – they will be devastated if I leave Arun and go back to India. So – it is best for me to accept the reality and stay on here in Auckland…”

“What “reality”…? You are his wife…”

“The “reality” is that you love Arun – passionately. Please don’t deny it…”


“I have done injustice to you – even if it is unknowingly…”

“No. Arun and I – we are just friends – colleagues – that’s all – I told you…”

“No one kisses a colleague so passionately – the way you kissed Arun at the Airport. Seeing the way you rushed to him the moment you saw him – even a blind person would have seen how much you love him – how much you had missed him – how delighted you were to see him come back to you. And then – when Arun introduced me as his wife – I could see it all – the hurt in your eyes…”

“Why have you come here…? Tell me – what do you want me to do…?”

“I want you to continue your relationship with Arun as before…”


“Yes – you love Arun so much. I don’t want to separate you from Arun – you two just continue your relationship – as if I don’t exist…”


“Yes. It is best for all of us. You will be happy. Arun will be happy. And me – I have accepted the situation…”


“I will go now. Please don’t tell Arun that I had come here. I don’t want him to know that I know…”

After saying these words – Arun’s wife gets up from her chair and she says to Sophie: “Thanks for your time. I’ll go now – you be happy with Arun…”

10 HOURS LATER (almost midnight)

“You were supposed to come back tomorrow evening…” Arun’s wife says to Arun – surprised to see Arun enter the bedroom.

“I have a latch-key to the house…” Arun says.

“I am not asking you how you entered the house – I am asking why you returned from Christchurch one day early…?”

“The work got over – so I caught the evening flight…”

“Oh. You don’t look well – are you feeling okay…?”

“I am okay…”

“No. You look stressed out. You seem to be worried about something…”


“Why don’t you share your worries with me – even if it is something about work – after all – I am your wife…”

“My partner – Sophie – she has resigned…”

“What…? How is that possible…? You had gone to Christchurch. Oh. She came with you to Christchurch – did she…? Did something happen there…?”

“No. She was here in Auckland…”

“So – you went to meet her after you came back to Auckland…?”

“No. No. No. She just emailed me her resignation letter – saying that she was resigning because she wanted to explore better opportunities in Australia. It is most surprising – she didn’t utter a word this morning – and suddenly – in the afternoon – I get her email – she has stabbed me in the back…”

“Why don’t you call her…?”

“She is not taking my calls…”

“I think you better meet her – come – let’s go to Sophie’s house – I will come with you…”

“No. I lied to you. I went to Sophie’s house from the airport. She did not allow me inside. She said that she did not want to meet me. She asked me not to call her. She said that if I had any official issues – I should email her – and she would reply officially…”

“Why is she suddenly behaving like this…? You were good friends – weren’t you…? Did something happen…? Did you fight with her this morning before you left for Christchurch…?”

“No. No. No. I really don’t know what has happened to her – she seems to have gone crazy. Do you know what Sophie said to me when I tried to plead with her…?”


“She warned me not to pursue her – she said that she would complain to the police if I ever tried to meet her or call her…” 

“Oh My God – you better be careful…”

“I don’t know what to do…”

“I think it is best for you to forget her – just blank her out of your life…” Arun’s wife says to her husband Arun.

“Yes…” Arun says, “But it’s going to be very difficult at work…” 

“Don’t worry – you’ll get over it…”Arun’s wife says, “Come – I’ll make you a drink…”

“Yes – I need a drink…” Arun says – and he follows his wife into the living room. 


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