Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Role Reversal - Then and Now

Then and Now
A True Story


December 1982
Curzon Road Apartments
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi

7:30 AM - A Cold Winter Morning

Our Pet Dog Sherry (Lhasa Apso girl), my Wife and I get into the lift, go down seven floors, walk to my scooter, I start my scooter, get on and drive off to work watching Sherry wag her tail and my wife wave me good bye. Then my wife takes Sherry for a walk and gambol on the lush green India Gate lawns nearby. I am the Breadwinner and my wife is the Homemaker. Except for our canine daughter Sherry, there are no kids at home – we don’t have any “human” kids as yet!


Dec 2010
Rohan Tarang Apartments

7:30 AM - A Cool Winter Morning

Our Pet Dog Sherry (DobermanXCaravan Hound girl), my Wife and I get into the lift, go down nine floors, walk to the bus stop on the main road, Sherry wags her tail and I wave good bye to my wife as she gets into the bus and goes off to work. Then I take Sherry for a walk and gambol on the ground nearby and we run and play while watching busy people rush to their workplaces in the nearby infotech park at Hinjewadi in buses, cars and motorcycles. Now my wife is the “breadwinner” and I am the “homemaker”. Except for our canine daughter Sherry, there are no kids at home – we have two grown up “human” kids who have flown away from our nest to pursue their respective vocations.

The Role Reversal is indeed amazing and amusing.


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PS - I wrote this a few months ago - it is applicable even today.

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