Saturday, March 26, 2011


Do you carry a stone in your heart ... ? 

Nasrudin’s boss was a tyrant who used to bully and harass the docile Mulla Nasrudin. He had made made Mulla Nasrudin's life miserable.

One day the boss suddenly died of a heart attack.

Just before his funeral all members of his staff went to pay their last respects to the departed soul.

Suddenly Nasrudin picked up a big stone and threw the stone at the dead body of his boss.

Everyone was shocked and surprised at Nasrudin’s strange behaviour, but before anyone could say anything Nasrudin calmly explained, “All these days I was carrying a stone in my heart. Today I have cast it out.”

Do you carry a stone in your heart ... ? 

Just throw it out...!!!


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VIKRAM KARVE educated at IIT Delhi, ITBHU Varanasi, The Lawrence School Lovedale, and Bishop's School Pune, is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession, a Human Resource Manager and Trainer by occupation, a Teacher by vocation, a Creative Writer by inclination and a Foodie by passion. An avid blogger, he has written a number of fiction short stories and creative non-fiction articles in magazines and journals for many years before the advent of blogging. His delicious foodie blogs have been compiled in a book "Appetite for a Stroll". A collection of his short stories about relationships titled COCKTAIL has been published and Vikram is currently busy writing his first novel and with his teaching and training assignments. Vikram lives in Pune with his family and his muse – his pet DobermanX girl Sherry, with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts. 

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