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Here is an article I wrote a few days ago for a pet website.
A few years ago a cute little baby Doberman girl came into my life. We named her Sherry, Sherry Karve, and she brought a flood of happiness in our lives and I have enjoyed the best moments of my life with my best friend Sherry. 
Actually, Sherry is not a pure Doberman – her mother is a pure Doberman and her father, I suspect, is a Caravan Hound – but let me tell you, being a mixed breed she is a tough, hardy, agile, loyal, loving, intelligent and clean dog who hardly requires any grooming or maintenance and can hold her own ground in any situation owing to her strong and fearless disposition.
So read on Dear Reader, and decide for yourself, whether a Doberman or a Caravan Hound is the dog for you…

Sherry Karve listening intently to her Dad Vikram [Baba, as she calls him]

Dog's Name & Age: 

Name: Sherry Karve. Age: Hey, you don’t ask a girl her age…!

In a Word, My Doberman Is… 

Loyal, Loving, Strong, Fearless, Fit, Agile, Intelligent, Protective Friend

Best Characteristics of the Breed 

Highly Intelligent, Easily Trained, Superb Guard Dog, Playful Active Loving

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed 

One-man dog, does not like to be left alone, aggressive temperament, especially with cats, other dogs, and intruders who try to enter her “territory”, a Doberman needs firm handling at times

When, Where and How I Got My Doberman Pinscher 

Sherry was the runt of the litter - the eleventh pup, female, very weak - they said she would barely survive. My wife took an instant decision - picked her up, brought her home and gave her to me. We looked after her like a baby, child, and brought her up and today she is the apple of our eye, my constant companion, the healthiest, smartest and happiest dog in the neighbourhood.

I'd Describe My Dog As… 

Highly intelligent and active, a bit headstrong, needs firm handling, superb guard dog, very protective of her family and territory, fearless, loyal, playful, wary of strangers and children, very easily trained, responds beautifully, needs lots of exercise, loves long walks, vigorous games, hates to be left alone and wants to be a part of the family, loves human company, a fantastic friend and devoted companion, robust and redoubtable. Her Story:
My name is Sherry. Sherry Karve. I am a naughty young girl and I live with my family in a lovely spacious bungalow surrounded by plenty of greenery. I wake up early in the morning, jump off my sofa, go to my father’s bed, rub my cold wet nose against his hand and give him a loving lick with my warm soft tongue. He grunts and growls and opens his sleepy eyes, and the moment he sees me his face lights up and he lovingly caresses me and says, “Good Morning, Sherry.” Then he gets up from bed and opens the main door to let me jump out into the garden. First I do my ‘little job’ at my favorite place near the mango tree. Then I generally dig with my paws in the soft morning mud and sniff around with my keen beautiful black nose to find out if there are any new morning smells, not forgetting to run and welcome the milkman the moment he comes on his cycle. When I return I find that my father is back in his bed and my mother is up and about. She pats and cuddles me and goes about her business making tea in the kitchen while I loiter around the house. The moment the newspaperman comes on his cycle and shouts ‘paper’, I rush to the gate and fetch the newspaper in my mouth, gripping it just right between my teeth, and hold it up to my horizontal father, who gets up, takes the paper from me and gives me the dog-biscuit he’s been hiding in his hand, as my mother, who has rushed behind me, watches me with loving pride in her eyes. My brother and my sister, who till now were fast asleep in the other room, call out my name – “Sherry! Sherry!” – and as I dart between their beds wagging my tail, they both hug and cuddle me all over saying, “Good Morning, Sherry. Sherry is a good girl!” Everyone is cheerful and happy and my day has begun! My human father named me Sherry – the same name of his earlier canine ‘daughter’. By the way ‘Sherry’ means ‘beloved’ – not the wine drink you are thinking about!


  • You must be physically fit and ready for outdoor exercise (playing and long walks) with your dog
  • You must have plenty of space, a bungalow with a large playing area, garden
  • You must devote at least three hours a day exclusively for the dog, follow regular routine without exception
  • Doberman is a one-owner dog, likes company of master, is overly protective of master and territory, hates loneliness
  • Superb Guard Dog. Does not like strangers, cats, other dogs and children, ready to attack intruders
  • Not advisable for families with small children
  • Highly intelligent, easy to train
  • Ideal Companion and Friend
A Doberman requires companionship and hates to be left alone. She requires firm handling and lots of playing and physical activity. Also a Doberman tends to be a highly loyal "one-man dog" and loves me more than the other family members and even gets jealous at times.
The only grooming I do to Sherry is to give her a nice bath once a fortnight followed by a nice vigorous brushing. She is a very clean dog who grooms and licks herself clean every evening.
I love my cute Doberman girl Sherry. I haven't docked her tail or cropped her ears or clip her nails as I feel it is cruel and unnecessary.
My pet Doberman Sherry has given me loyal jovial companionship and unquestioning affection forever, filled me with buoyant happiness and my life has become bright and breezy.  I love to come home to the enthusiastic greeting and genuine welcome that Sherry gives me each time I and this fills me with supreme love and joy.
Do you want to experience this highest form of love, agape love? Simple, just get yourself a pet Doberman, a nice cute little puppy, and make a commitment to look after it as your own child. You will learn The Art of Friendship from your Doberman.  There is nothing to surpass the strong affection, warm attachment, unselfish loyalty, total trust and true friendship of a pet dog who will love you unconditionally for its entire life. 
Your girlfriend or boyfriend may dump you, your spouse may divorce you, your children may abandon you, your parents may disown you, your relatives may distance themselves from you, your colleagues may shun you, your neighbours may ostracize you, but your Doberman will always love you, be loyal to you and never leave your side.
So tell me Dear Reader, are you ready to live with a Doberman…?


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