Tuesday, June 26, 2012



What is the use of Blogging and Tweeting (which is Micro Blogging).

Blogging satisfies the human need to communicate.

There are times when you want to say something. But no one wants to listen to you – there is no one available to listen to you, or no one is ready to listen to what you want to say.

So whatever you want to say, you write it on your Blog or Tweet it on your Twitter Account.

And you feel happy. You have got what you wanted to say off your chest and your need to communicate is satisfied.

Unexpressed communication can become a pent-up need.

Bottled-up needs can cause internal stress and turmoil.

Blogging allows you to release these pent-up needs, and that too in a creative and satisfying way.

So maybe blogging is cathartic in nature and has a positive bearing on your health, especially your mental and emotional wellbeing. That's why I say: A Blog a Day keeps the Doctor Away.  

Of course, there may be other reasons and benefits of Blogging and Tweeting – but those are secondary by-products.

The chief reason for Blogging (and Tweeting) is because Blogger and Twitter provide you a simple and reliable platform to communicate – yes, you Blog because Blogging satisfies your need to communicate.

Happy Blogging. Happy Tweeting.

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