Monday, October 10, 2011


A Breezy Easy Read with a strong Moral Message

I read Revolution 2020 this morning in one sitting. In my opinion it is Chetan Bhagat's best book. The story is narrated in a simple yet breezy prose style which makes this book a delightful read. Unlike in some of his earlier works where the characters seemed a bit hyped up, in this book the characters are truly lifelike and this lends an air of authenticity to the story. 
I am quite familiar with Varanasi (having spent five years in the 1970s studying at ITBHU) and I wish the author had portrayed the settings more comprehensively, especially the students' milieu. In the Banarasi context, Lal Peda rather than Chocolate and Lavang Lata and Lassi at Pehelwan Mithaiwala may have been more apt than Coffee at CCD. 
Also the author seems to be a bit squeamish when writing about sex and he pulls his punches in the lovemaking scenes which I wish were more passionate. Maybe the author has written keeping the tastes of prospective readers in view. 
The story is topical and has a ring of truth about it. The narration is very well paced, the tempo builds up nicely and you have a very satisfying ending. The author succeeds in putting across his message that ultimately love triumphs and prevails over corruption and ambition. 
I liked reading Revolution 2020 - it's an interesting read, got great page turning quality, and will keep you engrossed till the very end. Well, once I started reading it, I found the book unputdownable till the very end and finished it in one sitting. 
To sum up - Revolution 2020 is a breezy easy read with a strong moral message. 
Get a copy - I am sure you will love reading the book and it is certainly a book you will cherish having on your bookshelves.

Reviewed by VIKRAM KARVE
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