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Zest for Living and Passion for Learning



There are a number of retired senior citizens in the colony where I live in Pune. Yes, there are still large numbers of pensioners living all over Pune though Pune is no longer a pensioners’ paradise.

I have noticed one intriguing thing. Though most are of the same chronological age, some are “young” and some are “old”.

Further observation reveals the formula for remaining young: Zest for Living and Passion for Learning is the best anti-ageing recipe that keeps you young forever. It is the elixir of life.

Look around you and you will see what I mean. There are many oldie-goldies who are living life to the fullest and always eager to learn new things and there are also others who have no “juice” left in them as they have lost the spirit to enjoy learning with enthusiasm and relish the pleasures of life to their utmost.

I know a “young” senior citizen who, after retirement, started learning classical music from the scratch, enjoyed studying for 10 years till he completed his sangeet alankar, living life to the fullest in epicurean style – good food, music, concerts, plays, movies, travel, picnics, swimming, trekking, playing with his dogs, social work, you name it – he did it; and with the advent of internet he is enjoying moments exploring the mysteries of the web, learning new things and latest technologies, actively blogging with passionate fervour, and with gusto doing all sorts of learning activites, creative writing, surfing, social networking, making virtual friends, teaching music – for him variety is the spice of life. He lives a delightfully active life, loves the company of youngsters and has the enthusiasm and energy of a child – and though in his late seventies he is “younger” than even those chronologically many years his junior and it is his zest for life and passion for knowledge that keeps him healthy, happy and youthful.

Remember you are as old as you feel, not as old as you look, or as old as you chronologically are. It is in your hands to forever remain a "young" senior citizen.

I will end this piece with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

Live as if you are going to die tomorrow
Learn as if you are going to live forever

It is breathtakingly simple to remain young forever, Dear Reader. It is all in the mind. Forget your chronological age. Spend time in the company of young happy people rather than old fogies. Get a pet dog and enjoy playing with your dog. Rediscover your childlike enthusiasm. Stop reminiscing about the "good old days" and start living it up every day doing whatever you like with zest and passion to learn new things like blogging, exploring the internet, the mysteries of information technology. Keep learning new things and nurture your creative interests, hobbies, exercise, play, travel, eat out, see movies, have a ball... All you’ve got to do is to have a zest for living and passion for learning.

First thing in the morning, the moment you get up, recite your new art of living motto: “Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, learn as if you are going to live forever!”


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